11 Moms Reveal What They Regret Most About Their Home Births

Tanvier Peart | Dec 22, 2016 Pregnancy
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There are many reasons why an expectant mom will opt to have a home birth, from enjoying the freedoms of trying alternative positions and methods, to the comfort of laboring in a familiar environment. That, however, doesn't mean home births can't come with a few setbacks.




We recently caught up with 11 moms who've all had home births (some more than once) and decided it wasn't for them.

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This in no way means having a child at home is bad in any way (the American Pregnancy Association praises the benefits of home birth), but does provide some insight for moms-to-be who might want to know what the other side of the childbirth coin can look like.

Some of these stories will make you laugh, and others will make you cringe.

  • Postpartum Medical Assistance


    "I thought nurses who come into your recovery room throughout the night are so annoying ... until I gave birth at home and didn't have them -- or the help if I needed anything. Not having a staff who checks on both you and baby during your hospital stay and provides medical assistance when and were needed is a big difference I noticed with having a home birth the second time around. My husband is a rock star, but he wasn't able to get the rest he needed to help me with the baby. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss having the assistance the hospital gives." -- Rebecca G.

  • Unexpected Visitors


    "I had my first home birth experience a couple months ago and can tell you the thing I regret most about it is how accessible I am to unexpected visitors. Once my in-laws found out I was in labor we had six relatives who came over to 'share in the family experience.' I was incredibly frustrated and furious my husband and midwife had to spend time asking people to go home." -- Emily B.

  • Having to Go to the Hospital Anyway


    "One of the reasons I opted for a home birth is because my pregnancy was considered 'low risk.' I never expected for anything to go wrong during my labor (I never had an issue throughout my pregnancy), but I had a lack of progress during my childbirth that required me to go to the hospital and deliver there. I really wanted to have my baby at home and almost feel like it was a waste of time and energy (and money) setting up to try." -- Tessa F.

  • Dealing With That Damn Birthing Pool

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    "I had three people (three) help set up everything I needed for my home birth. Someone, whose last name I took, forgot to move the birthing pool upstairs and proceeded to show off his hard work at the gym by moving the pool -- filled with water -- up the stairs. Yeah, that didn't end well at all. We ended up paying $1,500 to have our carpet replaced on the steps. That made me say never again to having a child at home." -- Rachel B.

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  • No Time to Yourself

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    "I have four children -- two of which (my twin girls) were born at home. Though nothing went horribly wrong, I will say that I chose to go the hospital route with the other two because of the recovery aspect. When I'm in the hospital, I can take time for myself. The baby can stay in the nursery for a short period if needed, and I have so many nurses and lactation consultants at my beck and call. Having that space between myself and my home -- where I'll feel like I need to jump into 'Mom mode' -- really made a difference to me." -- Gail R.

  • Clean Up

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    "When you're in the middle of labor, you don't really focus on much else. It wasn't until after I pushed out my baby girl that I noticed the mess we made waiting for her. My sweet midwife took care of disposing of my placenta and whatever waste came with childbirth, but the random things -- like dishes, leftover food my family ate, and random items we used around the house -- started adding up. I now see why people opt for hospital births." -- Amy M.

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  • Made the Wrong Assumption About Hospitals


    "The only reason I gave birth to my son at home is because I heard about the horrible stories I read about 'coldhearted' and sterile hospitals. I wanted options and the freedom to move as my body allowed me, but was very nervous something would go wrong -- and my midwife wouldn't have the necessary tools to handle it. I'm so thankful there were no complications with my childbirth, but am super pissed to find out some hospitals have more birthing options and certified midwives who provide a more natural experience! I would've loved this!" -- Wren H.

  • Too Many Distractions


    "The dogs. My kids. The TV blaring from upstairs. My neighbor's kids running up and down the stairs. I should've thought about the logistics of giving birth in my home because it definitely was not the most ideal place. I could barely concentrate from all of the distractions!" -- Sheila W.

  • Pain Relief .. or Lack Thereof

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    "I tried really hard to have a natural childbirth, but the pain became too much. After the 18th hour of feeling hell, I asked my midwife if she could give me something for relief other than a kind word or encouragement. I'm going to the hospital the next time I get pregnant. At least they seem to have more pain management options." -- Olivia R.

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  • The Guilt of Not Paying Attention to Children Nearby

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    "One of the things I regret about my home birthing experience is having my 3- and 6-year-old kids in the house with me. As much as I wanted them to share in the moment with me, it was hard for me to concentrate on my contractions every time one of them asked if I was okay -- or started crying because I was in pain. My mother did her best to keep them downstairs most of the time, but it broke my heart to hear them crying for their mama, because they couldn't understand what was happening." -- Jordan M.

  • Nosy Neighbors


    "I've always wanted to try one of those home births that take place in some majestic forest with nothing but nature and mythical woodland fairies surrounding you. I decided to give it a try and pitched a tent in a part of my backyard that's hard for neighbors to see. One of my neighbors must've thought there was an orgy (I was with my partner and midwife) happening and took it upon himself to ask what was going on from behind his fence. He ended up calling the police hours later when we were inside (I was moaning from labor pains) -- that totally f*cked with my zen! I think I'm done with home births (at least at my damm house)!" -- Kacee P.

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