27 Unusual Baby Girl Names Inspired by Beautiful Places Across the Globe


Maybe you're a world traveler or hope to make your daughter into one someday -- or maybe you just to gravitate to names that don't originate in your home state or even from your native tongue. Place names have long been a popular choice for baby names. They're worldly and sophisticated. They're fun and unexpected. And -- best of all -- they can often work for both boys and girls. 


One of your biggest jobs as a parent is to pick a name your child can carry for a lifetime. It's no easy task. That's why you might need to go beyond the names that are right in front of you. Family names, local names, and even the name of your home state are all nice choices. However, what if you want something more far-reaching?

Place names are always fun to consider. There is truly endless inspiration. That's why we searched east and west, north and south. We looked from Europe and Africa to Bangladesh and Australia to find name inspiration from around the globe. There are so many faraway places that can make a lovely name for your baby girl. 

On that note, check out our 27 unique baby girl names inspired by beautiful places around the world.

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