27 Unusual Baby Girl Names Inspired by Beautiful Places Across the Globe


Place names have long been a popular choice for baby names. They're worldly and sophisticated. They're fun and unexpected. Everyone will remember Skye or Nara's name. And -- best of all -- place names may even inspire a child to change the world one day. We can totally envision a little Odessa or Shenandoah braving new adventures, being a world traveler, or becoming a pioneer in her field. Naming a baby girl after a place might just show her the world is her very own oyster!


Sure, it might seem like many of the good city and state names are "boyish" -- Brooklyn, Austin, Jackson, Eugene -- but know there are plenty of worldly names fit for a little girl too. (Some work for either gender too -- like Kent or Brighton!)

Family names, local names, and even the name of a baby's home state are all nice (and sentimental) choices. But we're here to show everyone that place names can be found right at home or very far abroad.

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There is truly endless inspiration, from Adelaide to Zaria. That's why we searched east and west, north and south. We looked from Europe and Africa to Asia and Australia and back to the Americas to find name inspiration around the globe. 

Ready to travel along with us? Check out our 27 unique baby girl names inspired by beautiful places around the world.

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