30 Unusual Baby Girl Names Inspired by Beautiful Places Across the Globe

Anne Meadows | Nov 21, 2019 Pregnancy
30 Unusual Baby Girl Names Inspired by Beautiful Places Across the Globe
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Place names have long been a popular choice for baby names. They're worldly and sophisticated. They're fun and unexpected. Everyone will remember Skye or Nara's name. And -- best of all -- place names may even inspire a child to change the world one day. We can totally envision a little Odessa or Shenandoah braving new adventures, being a world traveler, or becoming a pioneer in her field. Naming a baby girl after a place might just show her the world is her very own oyster! Sure, it might seem like many of the good city and state names are "boyish" -- Brooklyn, Austin, Jackson, Eugene -- but know there are also plenty of worldly names fit for a little girl. (Some work for either gender -- such as Kent or Brighton!)

Family names, local names, and even the name of a baby's home state are all nice (and sentimental) choices. But we're here to show everyone that "place names" can be found right near home or very far abroad.

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There is truly endless inspiration, from Adelaide to Zaria. That's why we searched east and west, north and south. We looked from Europe and Africa to Asia and Australia and back to the Americas to find name inspiration around the globe. By choosing one of these worldly names, parents are practically stamping their little one's passport already. 

Ready to travel along with us? Check out our 30 unique baby girl names inspired by beautiful places around the world. We're sure there are a few global options to appeal to any free-spirited family.

  • Kent

    little girl aquarium

    The Welsh name Kent is a unisex name that sounds strong, smart, and sophisticated. The southeastern county in England (just outside London) is called "the Garden of England" because of its high production of fruit and hops. What a quaint (and quintessentially British) inspiration! 

  • Nara

    toddler carseat
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    Short and sweet, Nara has Gaelic roots meaning "happy" -- but it's also a Japanese prefecture known as the cradle of Japanese civilization. Romantic, but also so approachable, Nara sounds like a perfect name for an adventurous baby girl. 

  • Skye

    toddler girl outside

    Skye is a beautiful, airy name for a boy or a girl, which comes from the Isle of Skye in northern Scotland. The rugged, picturesque landscape filled with medieval villages (and castles!) is a romantic inspiration for a name.

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  • Tangier

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    Tangier is an unusual name that evokes the mystery and wonder of an ancient Moroccan bazaar. The exotic name means "harbour," and would be a good fit for a young adventurous spirit.

  • Zaire

    toddler outside

    Derived from the Kongo word "nzere," meaning "the river that swallows all rivers," Zaire (zah-EER) is a unique African name with historical and geographical roots. We love "Z" names, and this one has such a pretty, soft sound.

  • Dominica

    little girl ocean

    Yes, Dominica is an island in the Caribbean, but it's unrelated to Dominican Republic. Its name comes from the Latin word for Sunday. Pronounced "Dom-i-NEE-kah," the name is unique, and sounds upbeat and fun. Just right for a happy little girl. 

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  • Vienna

    little girl red coat

    Vienna is such a sophisticated and sweet European city name. Austria's "City of Music" is a great inspiration for musical moms. And the nicknames are endless: Vee, Vivi, Enna, Nenna, Enny, Vina, Vien, En, Nina, and Vinny, to name a few. 

  • Odessa

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    Odessa is a sweet, old-school girl's name (its popularity peeked in the early 1900s), and harkens back to the hero of Homer's Odyssey. The Ukrainian city Odessa hosts beautiful 19th century architecture and world-renowned ballet and theater, so those who want a unique name steeped in culture might consider Odessa. 

  • Verona

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    Verona is the Italian city Shakespeare made famous by setting his play Romeo and Juliet within the town's medieval walls, but it has a serious cool factor as a baby name. It's a fun spin on the name "Veronica," and has such a romantic, grown-up feel. And isn't "Ronnie" just the most adorable nickname for a little girl?

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  • Adelaide

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    If the Australian Outback is a dream travel destination, Adelaide is a baby girl name that should be put on the list. A coastal capital city in South Australia, Adelaide is known for its art museums and festivals. The name Adelaide itself comes from the German "Adelheid," which means nobility. A name for a princess, indeed.

  • Brighton

    little girl swimming in ocean
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    Brighton is such an expressive, happy name. It belongs to a seaside town in southern England where beachgoers can comb the shingle beach and play in arcades along the pier. It's like a fresh, unconventional way of naming a daughter "Sunny," which will always bring smiles. 

  • Valencia

    smiling little girl

    Valencia is such a classy and unexpected name for a baby girl. It's sweet like the orange that shares its name, with ancient Spanish roots (the city of Valencia was founded as a Roman colony). Old World names are so trendy right now, and "Val" is a classic nickname. 

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  • Dhaka

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    Dhaka is a cool, cosmo name for a young girl. It comes from Bangledesh's biggest city and capital -- so it's full of worldly charm.

  • Quintana


    Pronounced "keen-TAH-neh," Quintana is a Spanish name meaning "fifth girl." The Mexican state Quintana Roo has a beautiful Caribbean coastline with Mayan ruins, coral reefs, and undersea caverns. Author Joan Didion liked the name -- she gave it to her daughter! 

  • Zaria

    little girl jumping into pool

    Zaria is a charming Arabic name for "flower," and it belongs to a Nigerian city. It's a truly global name -- Zaria is also the Slavic goddess of beauty. Globe-trotting mamas will have to think about this elegant and distinctive name!

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  • Lille

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    Lille is a northern French town on the border with Belgium, and its name can be pronounced either with one syllable as "Lil" or, alternatively, "Lil-eh." This French version of the popular American name Lily is fitting for a Francophile mom and a sweet shortening of the classical name "Lilith."

  • Berlin

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    We've all heard of the German city of Berlin, but not many girls share its chic, fun name. Pronounce it "BEAR-lin," as in the German language, or "Bur-LYNN," or just call her "Berry" for short. How cute!

  • Sedona

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    The name Sedona conjures deep purple sunsets, red rocks, and dry warm air. It's got a carefree, wild and adventurous vibe, but rolls off the tongue so softly. It's a serious "S"-name contender. 

  • Laramie

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    Laramie is a baby girl's name with real charm -- and no wonder: It's inspired by a snowcapped western city in Wyoming, and in French, it means a "canopy of leafy boughs." It's a truly unique moniker for any daughter.

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  • Geneva

    toddler airport

    Geneva is a name for a little girl who's going places. Not only is it reminiscent of the beautiful city in Switzerland, but it's also derived from the Old French word genevre (for juniper berry). What a fresh, modern spin on Geneviere! 

  • Juneau

    little kid hiking
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    Juneau, pronounced "ju-no," is most well known as a place name for Alaska's remote mountainside state capital. But it's also a sweet option for a little lady (who's due in June, perhaps?).

  • Normandy

    baby girl beach

    Normandy, which can also be spelled Normandie, is a darling baby girl name that mixes classics "Norma" and "Mandy" with a French twist. Although older folks might associate Normandy with World War II, we think it's time this feminine name gets a makeover. So think about considering this name for a new little girl.

  • Denali

    little girl

    Forget the car; Denali is a name for a strong, proud, and beautiful baby girl. That's because aside from having a lovely sound, it's also the name of the highest peak in North America, found in Alaska. Denali means "The Great One," so, how can one go wrong with that?

  • Shenandoah

    lttle girl

    If you think "beautiful daughter of the stars" is sweet inspiration for a little girl's name, give the southern charmer Shenandoah a try. The name comes from Algonquin and was given to a valley and river in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It's unique, and so pretty, just like a daughter. 

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  • Aspen

    toddler girl on beach with hat

    The word Aspen conjures up a very posh, and beautiful, image of fresh snow and mountain lodges, because of the ski haven that shares its name in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It's such a fun, unexpected baby girl name -- we just love it.

  • Venetia

    little girl sitting among flowers

    V-names are super popular for baby girls, and Venetia is a sweet, cosmopolitan option. The elegant and sophisticated name, pronounced "Ve-NEE-shah," comes from the Italian city of Venice, or "Venezia" as the locals call it. A top pick on any Italian lover's list, for sure. 

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  • Acadia

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    Rounding out the gorgeous list of globally-inspired A-name options sits lovely little Acadia. Pronounced "ah-KAY-dee-uh," the name comes from the earliest French colony in the New World -- land that is now Maine and Nova Scotia. We think the name has a really attractive rhythmic quality.

  • Ede

    three generations
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    Dutch children are considered by some to be the happiest children in the world, so choosing a name inspired by the Netherlands might a great way to set them up for a wonderful life. One cute option is Ede (pronounced "Ada") which come from a town in the Dutch province of Gelderland.

  • Windsor

    mom and child in the snow

    Windsor is a town in southern Ontario, Canada, and is also a fitting option for parents looking for a modern, unisex option for their baby girl. Anglophiles may also be drawn to this name as it's the last name for the British royal family. We just think it sounds awfully cool!

  • Kumasi 

    birthday girl

    Kumasi (KU-ma-see) is a major city in Ghana and an interesting option for a girl's name. Kumasi is a major modern city but has an incredibly long history as the home region for the Ashanti people, so the name may also appeal to African history and culture buffs.

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