21 Baby Names That Are Going to Disappear in 2017

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Apparently not too many people want to "be like Mike" anymore, as this common short name will likely not be used much in the New Year. Mike might have biblical meaning (it comes from the Hebrew mīkhā’ē‘l that means "Who is like God?") but may prove to lack in staying power, as it seems more parents are interested in using Michael instead of Mike. "Michael is an extremely common, extremely handsome, masculine, classic, biblical name for a baby boy. Mike used to be the constant nickname, but today you hear the full name more often," says a BabyNameWizard.com reader.



There are so many people we know (okay, friends in our head) with the name Kristen. Kristen Wiig. Kristen Bell. Kristen Stewart. Kristen Johnston. And yet, the name Kristen is one that's slated to disappear in 2017. Looks like this baby name peaked in the '80s and continues to trend on the decline.



Although most of us know a Denise or two in our lives, this is one baby name that isn't being used much today. The feminine form of Dennis, which hails from the Greek Dionysios, Denise is no longer making waves as a popular first name. "The popular song of 1963 by Randy and the Rainbows ... 'Denise,' made a rare name have a short run of popularity. It is more common today for Denise to be a middle name," a BabyNameWizard.com reader points out.

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Randall has always been one of our favorite baby names and for good reason. (It's so strong and handsome.) Too bad it looks like moms and dads are shying away from it as an option for their child. At least people enjoyed this English surname (Randall comes from Randolf, which means "shield wolf") in the past. That has to count for something.



What's not to love about the name Cindy? Aside from being adorable, this pet form for the classic Cynthia has been losing steam for some time now, as Cindy was once a popular baby name option in the '60s. We're still a fan!



There's a pretty good chance that you let out an "Aww" when you saw this baby name, righhht? Bailey is a cute unisex name choice that makes us think of a certain dreamy '90s heartthrob. (Party of Five, anyone?) It's sad that this Old French title (Bailey comes from baili that means "manager") is no longer popular. *Sighs*

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Perhaps this French name will take a page from its Latin roots and be "reborn" again. Renee makes this list as a baby name set to vanish in 2017. This feminine alternative to the masculine Rene was popular in the '60s, but doesn't seem like it's appealing to parents anymore.

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Many would consider Gretchen to be a traditional baby name that's memorable and quite loving. "I like having a traditional German name and I think it lends itself to more of a bookish or serious personality," says one BabyNameWizard.com reader. We think it's great, though it looks like Gretchen's popularity has waned over time.



We hate to say it, but we haven't heard of any friends naming their babies Ross recently -- though he will forever be one of our favorite characters on the hit show Friends. This Scottish surname was greatly admired in the 1880s and 1980s, but has been on the decline lately. 

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As a playful alternative to Caroline, Carrie was a go-to baby name during the 1880s. While the pet name did see a bit of reprieve throughout the years, it's one that's slated to disappear from the top of our baby name lists come next year. Don't tell Ms. Bradshaw!



Coming from the Latin Dio, the baby Dion name did not see much popularity until the 1970s. (BabyNameWizard.com notes 124 million babies have had this name!) There was a jolt of admiration for this title in the '80s, but it doesn't look like parents are looking to Dion for inspiration in 2017.

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Aww, this one breaks our hearts. Kathleen is such a beautiful baby name, derived from the Irish Caitlín that means "pure." Though it was once popular during the '50s, it doesn't seem like moms and dads will be flocking to this once beloved title. "My name is Kathleen and I go by Kate. I was born in the early 2000s. I haven't met a Kathleen my age yet," says a BabyNameWizard.com reader.

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Sheila was a kick-ass baby name during the '60s, but it looks like moms and dads are moving on to other options. "My name is Sheila and I was born in 1985. Although this isn't a name I would personally choose for my children, it's a nice name and I don't have any complaints! I've only ever met two Sheilas my whole life ... so it's rare!" one BabyNameWizard.com reader mentions. 



Sharon is a vintage name with luster. It was once a top option during the 1940s, but critics of this Biblical baby name are speaking out -- and aren't holding back. "I have always hated my name, because it's so awkward to pronounce. It also screams '60s to me for some reason. No good nicknames, either. I tried to go by my middle name when I got to middle school ..." says a BabyNameWizard.com reader.

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Nicknames are pretty catchy, which is why we're kinda bummed to hear Tori is on the way out. An alternative to Victoria, this title was a huge hit during the 1990s. Tori Amos. Tori Spelling (she played Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210). What's not to love?

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Seeing the name Britney probably makes you think about pop icon Britney Spears. It's a catchy baby name that has a ton of spunk and so much character. Brit makes our list of one of the baby names poised to disappear next year -- which means it might be a good choice for your one-of-a-kind girl!

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Brenda reminds us of a certain brunette we loved (and sometimes didn't) on the '90s hit show Beverly Hills, 90210. It also happens to be a baby name that was wildly popular in the 1950s. Although Brenda appears to be fading to the background as a top baby name choice, we will forever appreciate the feels it gives us.

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Who wouldn't love to have a name that's associated with being "full of grace"? That's what Anita represents. It doesn't look like this baby name is quite popular anymore (it was in the '50s), as fewer and fewer families appear to be using it.



"My name is Susan .... and I actually like it. Very rarely was there another Susan in my classrooms," notes one BabyNameWizard.com reader. Susan comes from the Hebrew shōshannāh ("a lily," "a rose") that was a common baby name choice during the '50s. We love memorable women named Susan who came before us -- like Susan B. Anthony and Susan Sontag -- and helped to pave the way for equal rights. Even though the name Susan seems to be on its way out, we're hopeful a few moms and dads will still consider it.

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Last, but certainly not least, is dear Pamela. This name has seen a refresh in the pronunciation department over the centuries (from pam-EE-lah to pah-MEL-lah) with the greatest interest for Pamela occurring in the 1950s. Even though we'll likely say goodbye to Pamela in 2017, if you happen to come across one, don't automatically call her Pam. "I think Pamela is a really pretty name - but no Pamela is ever called Pamela. It's always just Pam. I don't see why they have to do that unless the person WANTS to be called by the nickname," snaps a BabyNameWizard.com reader.

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