21 Baby Names That Are Going to Disappear in 2017

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No one can deny the importance of choosing a baby name that you love for your son or daughter. Some baby names have stood the test of time while others seem to be on the verge of extinction. And though you should never say never, it looks like we probably won't see these 21 names at the top of baby name lists anytime soon ... which means they just might be the perfect choice if you want to make sure no one else in your kid's class has his or her name!


Laura Wattenberg is the founder of BabyNameWizard.com, an online destination that offers a unique perspective on baby names, and says a good number of beloved baby names will likely disappear come 2017.

"I searched through name popularity data to find familiar, once-popular names that have become rare -- and the trend arrow for them is still pointing down," Laura tells CafeMom. "A few of the names are endangered species because they're out of step with current fashions."

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This, of course, doesn't mean we won't ever see these names again. As Laura reminds us,"Today's 'mom names' are tomorrow's grandma names, and we usually wait until they've hit great-grandma status to circle back for a second look."

Who knows, maybe we'll see these baby names sooner than later.

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