13 Breathtaking Photos of One Mom's Unplanned, At-Home VBAC

Liz Alterman | Dec 21, 2016 Pregnancy

Jessica Thomas/UnderMyHeartBirth.com

Plenty of moms who've had c-sections crave the opportunity to give birth vaginally birth if possible. But few would imagine being able to do it the way this incredible Pittsburgh mom did. Erin's second labor progressed so quickly, she ended having her VBAC at home -- all by herself! Thankfully, her doula/photographer Jessica Thomas of Under My Heart Birth Services was able to capture these empowering post-birth images that will leave you marveling at this mom's bravery.




While Erin suspected she was in labor, she never expected it to move so swiftly. By the time her contractions were seven to eight minutes apart, she called Jess, who told her that her labor would most likely continue progressing. 

The doula advised Erin to find a comfortable haven within her home -- not realizing that this baby's birth was imminent. 

"It was about 30 minutes later mother called me," Jess wrote about the incredible experience on her blog.

She was breathing very heavy on the phone and wasn't talking. I knew whatever was happening it was definitely time for me to get going to mom. She then yelled out that her water just broke and that it was incredibly intense. She was completely overwhelmed. She then told me that her husband was not yet back and that she couldn't get a hold of him! I told her, 'I'm coming right now. You know I live literally five minutes away. Try and stay calm - I'm coming.' The phone disconnected on her end and I grabbed my bags and ran out the door.

Looking that these gorgeous images, you can't help but marvel at the strength of the human body and spirit. What a stunning celebration of life!

"This birth was incredible to be a part of," Jess tells CafeMom. "My hope is that as this mother shares her story it empowers others to know how strong a woman can be."

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