13 Labor & Delivery 'Surprises' We're Kinda Glad No One Told Us About


One might think that with nine months to prepare, it would be hard to be surprised by anything related to actually having a baby. I sure would have thought that ... until my second delivery, when I had complications that I never expected. It was incredibly scary, and in that moment I was really worried about what else could happen to me. But the thing is, I am sort of glad that I didn't know every complication that happens during pregnancy -- I would never have gotten any sleep! 


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Shortly after my daughter was born, I suffered a fairly serious hemorrhage -- something I had never worried about before labor or had any reason to suspect would happen to me. When I reflect back on my pregnancy, major postpartum blood loss wasn't something that had been on my list of worries, mostly because nobody ever mentioned it to me as a possibility!

To be honest, I think it is probably a good thing that I didn't know that was possible. There is no way it could have been prevented, and it sure wouldn't have done me any good to stress about it for 40 weeks. 

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, so I asked some other moms what things they found out during labor that they were glad they didn't know before. If a mama is pregnant right now, she can read on at her own risk!

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