The 25 Most Festive Baby Names Inspired by Christmas

Tanvier Peart | Dec 9, 2016 Pregnancy
The 25 Most Festive Baby Names Inspired by Christmas
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Can anyone else hear the sound of sleigh bells ringing in the distance? Santa Claus is coming to town, and we're so freakin' excited. (Yay!) In addition to the things we look forward to the most this time of year -- which include stocking-stuffer edibles and items off our wish list -- it's hard to not let the spirit of the Christmas season influence our baby name ideas. But why resist it? Christmas is our favorite holiday, and why not spread the magic to our kids as well?

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It doesn't matter if one is a fan of fun-loving Christmas movies, enjoys the anticipation of unwrapping gifts on Christmas Day, or just doesn't want to be a Grinch, Christmas touches our hearts and inspires some pretty awesome baby names. And it would make baby's birthday pretty special, if it happened to coincide with the season of joy and cheer. Looking to catch the holiday spirit? We've compiled some of our favorite Christmas-themed baby name that anyone can use to spread joy and cheer throughout the holiday season! 

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We have a list of Christmas-inspired names that include usual suspects as well as unexpected contenders. Consider this our gift that will keep on giving.

Christmas baby names

  • Angel

    Baby cute girl sleep with smiling on mattress Thongsawang

    "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." Whether you're a fan of the classic film It's a Wonderful Life, or just enjoy the season, angels and Christmas go together like letters to Santa and milk and cookies. Angel is the perfect unisex name for your child that's the gift that keeps on giving. We can only hope your baby's demeanor reflects a "divine messenger" ... most of the time.

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  • Claus/Klaus

    Baby first christmas. Beautiful little baby celebrates Christmas. New Year's holidays. Baby with santa hat with gift. Santa baby.

    Now here's a name you don't hear every day. Families who are a fan of Santa Claus will likely get a kick out of Claus (pronounced KLAHS) as a baby name. You can also opt to switch things up even more with Klaus (pronounced KLOWS), which reminds us of a certain hotty vampire from the TV show The Originals. (Sorry, we lost focus.)

  • Christian

    A tiny African baby girl are ready for her first Christmas to arrive.
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    Even if you aren't a Christian, it's hard not to associate the religion with Christmas. After all, it kinda is in the name. Christian is one of those gender-neutral baby names that often stirs up happy thoughts and keeps you feeling cheery.

  • Holly

    funny baby dressed in Santa Claus hat on bright festive background
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    Every Christmas celebration deserves a little bit of Holly. Who doesn't love this seasonal decorative accent with dark green leaves and red berries? Holly might look charming and pretty, but don't underestimate her. The name comes from the Old English holegn, which means "to prick" -- so watch out.

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  • Emmanuel/Immanuel

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    While we're on the subject of Christ and Christmas, a common name for Jesus is Emmanuel (or Immanuel). This Hebrew title comes from 'immānūēl  and means "God is with us." Beautiful.

  • Noel/Noelle

    Baby boy surrounded with Christmas lights

    "Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel." Come on, don't act like the song "The First Noel" didn't come to mind when you saw this baby name. French for "Christmas," Noel is an adorable baby name choice for a girl or a boy. Definitely a great option for your little one.

  • Nicholas/Nick

    Adorable smiling child wearing red Christmas cap holding red christmas ball

    What better way to have a Christmas reminder year-round than name your child Nick? It's one of Santa's many names! Nick (or Nicholas) hails from the Greek Nikolaos, meaning "victory of the people." It's a strong baby name option that seems to be quite prosperous and full of holiday inspiration.

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  • Gloria

    Baby 1 year old wearing santa claus suit sitting in rocking chair with Christmas tree and lights

    "Glory in the Highest." "Angels, From the Realms of Glory." "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." A good number of Christmas carols have glory in them, making the name Gloria a must-have option for your baby name list. Feel free to belt out a few of these tunes or hum them to yourself.

  • Kris

    Sleeping Christmas baby and dachshund puppy wearing Santa hats.

    Another great Santa-inspired baby name choice is the name Kris -- as in Kris Kringle, the bringer of all fabulous Christmas toys! Even though this happens to be the first name of the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner (she doesn't really remind us of Christmas), it's still a great option for your kiddo that provides a holiday twist.

  • Joy

    Christmas baby sitting and laughing
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    If there's one thing this world needs more of, it's joy. There's just far too much negativity that will make you say "Bah humbug." Joy is a beautiful baby name that boast elements of "delight" and "great pleasure." Needless to say, this is a wonderful option for a baby girl that will keep you in good spirits for time to come.

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  • Rudy

    Adorable christmas baby lying on blanket
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    Oh yeah, you know where we're going with this one. Rudy is the pet name for Rudolph (think Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer) that packs a mighty punch. This name comes from the Old German Hruodiger, which means "fame with a spear." Yup, Rudy is totally a badass.

  • Eve

    Cute Baby girl posing and smiling with Christmas snowflake ornaments and balls
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    Christmas Day is awesome and all, but Christmas Eve gives us so much life -- which, ironically, is exactly what the name Eve means. Derived from the Hebrew hawwah ("life"), Eve is a stunning baby name that will keep you excited for what's to come.

  • Joseph

    Baby Wearing a Christmas Stocking Cap

    The name Joseph has strong ties to the Bible. It's the name of Jacob's favorite son (you know, Joseph with the technicolored dream coat?) and is also the name of Jesus's (human) daddy, who of course was there to celebrate his baby's birthday ... Christmas! Hebrew for "God shall add," Joseph is a cool baby name that's quite timeless.

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  • Mary

    Infant child baby toddler kid sitting in presents gift for celebration. Christmas new year concept.
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    Speaking of Jesus's parents, you can't talk about Joseph without bringing up the mother of Christmas, Mary. This classic name comes from the Hebrew Miryām that just so happens to mean "sea of sorrow." (Maybe the original Miriam was full of sorrow during labor? Who knows.) Still, it's a vintage name that holds great significance today.

  • Berry

    Baby writing

    Parents looking for a fun twist on once popular names should consider Berry. This is a catchy pet name for Barry that's packed full of holiday flavor.

  • Carol

    Close up portrait of little baby girl in Santa hat, in a holiday room
    Predrag Popovski/Shutterstock

    Whether you're a fan of this former SAHM badass on The Walking Dead or happen to enjoy strangers knocking on your door to serenade you, Carol is a great baby name to get you in the Christmas spirit. This feminine form of the Old English ceorl (a "freeman") is also a short name for Caroline and leaves a lasting tune in our hearts.

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  • Yule

    Christmas baby in a red present box

    Now here's a unique choice that you don't hear every day. Yule is a vintage term for Christmas that you might catch in some of your favorite holiday carols.

  • Merry

    Cute funny baby girl laughing wearing a knitted snowflake sweater

    Just because Mary made our list doesn't mean we don't have room for Merry. We're fans of this Middle English baby name (spoiler: merry means "happy" and "cheerful") as it gets us excited to hang our Christmas stockings and holiday lights.

  • Pine

    Adorable african baby with Christmas shouting hat

    Moms and dads who are looking for a baby name that's outside the box might want to head outdoors to appreciate Pine. (You can stay inside if it's cold.) Pine is perennial. Pine is fragrant. Pine is a little prickly to keep things interesting. 

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  • December

    Little boy in Santa Claus hat

    It's no secret that parents look to months of the year for baby name inspiration. April. May. August. March. June. January. The list goes on and on. December might be unconventional to some, but if you really love the Christmas season, why not give it a try?

  • Gabriel

    Christmas baby

    Regarded as the Christmas angel, Gabriel is one of God's chief messengers in Christianity who informed the Virgin Mary she would be with child. Gabriel also happens to be a sturdy and popular baby name that comes from the Hebrew gavrīēl, which means "God is my strength."

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  • Saint

    Beautiful child sitting with presents against Christmas background.
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    We're not trying to rip off Kim and Kanye, but ... Saint is a pretty cool baby name -- especially if we're talking about Christmas. Think about it: Saint could refer to Santa (Saint Nick) or hold religious significance when thinking about Christianity and Christmas. It totally works.

  • North

    portrait of adorable beautiful funny emotions baby girl eating cookie of christmas tree form
    anastasia buinovska/Shutterstock

    ... And while we're on the subject of Kardashian kids' baby names, let's just throw North into the mix. North is unique and gender-neutral baby name that signifies direction, but also can symbolize the North Pole, where Santa lives!

  • Jesus

    Adorable African American child playing with a gift box

    Some cultures look to the name Jesus in honor of the son of God. Hailing from the Latin Iesus that comes from the Hebrew yēshū'a (a contraction of yehōshū'a that means "God is salvation"), Jesus is a revered name that represents the true meaning of Christmas to Christians.

  • Reign

    Christmas toddler in Santa hat
    Valentin Valkov/Shutterstock

    We swear we're not intentionally trying to bite off Kardashian baby names (they just work)! Reign might be the name of Kourtney K's youngest child, but also reminds us of Santa's trusted flying reindeer. Reign is catchy, stylish, a home run for Christmas-inspired baby names.

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  • Bonus: Natalie

    Sleeping, two week old, newborn, baby boy wearing a crocheted Santa hat with snowman plush toy.
    Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

    One baby name you definitely want to keep on your radar -- especially if your due date happens to be December 25 -- is Natalie. This gorgeous title comes from the Latin diēs nātālis that means "Christmas." It's so perfect!

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