You'll Never Guess the Trendiest Baby Name in American History

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If someone asked you to think of the trendiest baby name in American history, you'd probably be inclined to guess "John" or "Mary." You'd be wrong. Want a hint? This name, which caught on like wildfire during a certain period in time, starts with an "L" and is formed from the Spanish word for "pretty" or "beautiful."


Give up? It's "Linda." Wondering how that's possible with all these Jakes and Madisons running around? We are too. But, David Taylor, a researcher who developed a metric for trendiness that looks at overall popularity in addition to the moniker's swift ascent and inevitable fall, found "Linda" to be the trendiest name of all time.

In other words, based on these standards, with its meteoric rise in 1947, Linda had the largest yearly increase ever, with 5.48 percent of all baby girls being given that name. In fact, Baby Name Wizard found that 17,491 million babies were named Linda during the 1940s alone. Wow! 

If you find yourself hard-pressed to think of anyone you know named Linda, join the club. But take a look at a few of these ladies who've done the name proud! 

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Looks like this news even caught NCIS actress Linda Hunt off guard.

Could anyone play a possessed child quite like Linda Blair?

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Remember when supermodel Linda Evangelista famously said she didn't wake up for less than $10,000 a day? (Nice work if you can get it.)

Let's not forget Linda Ronstadt! 

You could always count on Linda Evans to add a little more drama to Dynasty

Alice star Linda Lavin was born in 1937, so clearly her parents were ahead of their time with this name. 

And, of course, there's the love of Paul McCartney's life, his late wife Linda, a musician and animal advocate.

We're even including Wonder Woman Lynda Carter because when you're a superhero, you get to spell your name with a "y."

While we don't expect this name to enjoy a resurgence in popularity in the near future, who knows? Everything old is new again, as they say, so it could make a comeback.

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