12 Ways Doulas Help Moms to Manage Labor Pain Naturally

12 Ways Doulas Help Moms to Manage Labor Pain Naturally
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It's a question doulas hear often from moms-to-be, particularly those expecting their first babies: How much is labor going to hurt? (And, how am I going to deal with it?!) Luckily, these childbirth pros have many completely natural and surprisingly effective pain management tools and tricks at their disposal, with options to suit many different types of deliveries (and moms). We asked doulas to share some of their favorite methods for making labor and delivery more comfortable -- maybe even enjoyable! 

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We all know that childbirth can be excruciating. The pain, the waiting, the begging and pleading for it all to be over -- these things take time. But for some women who have decided to use a doula, they've found that these wonderful helpers have a whole plethora of tips and tricks that they can use to help women while they're in labor. And now we've compiled some of these helpful hints together. We've asked real doulas about ways we can mange labor pain and they didn't hold back. From staying hydrated, drinking more water, to alternating hot and cold packs, these are the tricks doulas use to get women past the pain -- as much as humanly possible.

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Read on to see which tips these doulas want expectant women to know about before baby is on the way! 

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