15 Unusual Arabic Baby Girl Names Filled With Beautiful Meaning

Tanvier Peart | Nov 4, 2016 Pregnancy
15 Unusual Arabic Baby Girl Names Filled With Beautiful Meaning

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Arabic, like other languages across the globe, is a go-to source for inspiration for so many things -- including unique baby names. This ancient tongue is full of so much wonder that makes it a perfect resource for adorable names expectant parents can use.

Even if you don't know what ma ismak means (that's Arabic for "What's your name?"), at least you can answer the question by choosing one of these darling Arabic baby names for your daughter.

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Trust us, they're truly precious.

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  • Aaliyah

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    We couldn't think of a more adorable baby name to kick off this list than Aaliyah (ah-LEE-ə). Aside from being the name of one of our favorite songstresses from the '90s, Aaliyah is the Arabic variant of the Hebrew Aliyah that means "to ascend."

  • Kalila

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    If you're a fan of baby names that end with a soothing ahh sound, feast your eyes on this adorable option. Arabic for "beloved," the name Kalila is fresh, airy, and totally cute.

  • Leilah

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    Leilah (LAY-lə) is a baby name that carries a bit of mystique and just sounds so adorable. Hailing from the Arabic leila that means "dark beauty," Leilah is beautiful, mysterious, and a wonderful option for your shortlist. 

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  • Farrah

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    There's a reason why the name Farrah puts a smile on your face. Aside from having a breezy aura, Farrah is Arabic for "happiness," which makes this baby name all the more enjoyable. Seriously, who doesn't want a child whose name is associated with cheerfulness?

  • Shakira

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    Shakira, Shakira! We just love a certain Colombian singer who has this name and think it will be a rhythmic choice for your little girl. Shakira is a beautiful Arabic name that happens to mean "woman of grace."

  • Zara

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    Fashionistas are going to love this. Zara is in fact an Arabic baby name with a fragrant meaning. It comes from the Arabic zahra that means, you guessed it, "flower." 

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  • Hadiya

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    All of us hope to raise a child who has a kind heart and is full of virtue. And if a baby name -- like Hadiya -- can help inspire this in our kids, we're all for it! Arabic for "guide to righteousness," Hadiya is a gorgeous baby name for your special girl, with such an endearing meaning.

  • Iman

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    Looking for a unisex baby name that brings the pizazz? Give Iman a try! Arabic for "faith," Iman is one of those names that's runway-ready (think Iman, the iconic fashion model) and just adorable in every way.

  • Lina

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    Striving to make sure your little girl will be a passionate and warmhearted individual? Lina (LEE-nə) is a name that will speak to your daughter's affectionate side, as it's Arabic for "tender." 

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  • Samira/Samirah

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    Aside from being the name of one of our favorite actresses who starred on Orange Is the New Black (we miss you, Samira Wiley), Samira or Samirah (sah-MEE-rə) hails from the Arabic samīr that means "companion in evening conversations." Who knows if this means your girl will become someone's BFF or trusted adviser in times of trouble. All we know is that we adore the same Samira!

  • Raja

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    You can stop trying to remember where you've heard the name Raja. (Rajah was Princess Jasmine's tiger in Aladdin.) There's a good chance your baby girl won't be roaring on the regular -- or flashing pearly white fangs -- but still, the baby name Raja is Arabic for "the anticipated one" and proof the world is waiting on your daughter.

  • Fatima

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    Some baby names have a bit more clout than others, and Fatima (fah-TEE-mah) happens to be one of those names. Rooted in the Arabic fātima that means "captivating," Fatima was the prophet Muhammad's most beloved daughter and one of the forefathers foremothers of the Fatima dynasty. Awesome!

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  • Jamila

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    There are so many spelling variations for the Arabic Jamila (jah-MIL-ə). Let's see, there's Jamilah, Jameelah, and Jamilla to name a few. No matter how you choose to spell this beauty of a baby name, all forms of Jamila derive from the Arabic jamīl that means "graceful."

  • Omaira

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    Here's an endearing baby name that will have you yelling "Oh my!" for good reason. *Wink* Omaira (Arabic for "red") is a striking name that has a classic feel to it. Should you enjoy things with a vintage aura, you'll likely love this baby name.

  • Nura

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    Going against the grain can be a good thing and Nura proves just that. A variant of the Arabic Noor, the name Nura is "full of light" and so much beauty. We really love this baby name, as Nura will light up the darkest of days.

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