18 Dads Confess How They Really Felt in the Delivery Room

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When I got pregnant with our first child, one of the things I wondered about was how my husband, a man with a strong fear of needles and a dislike of blood, would deal with seeing childbirth in all its glory. I knew he would want to be supportive, but could he handle it?


So, you can imagine my amusement when, as my son was crowning, my husband looked at me and said in an awed voice, "Man, this is incredible, you should REALLY see this!"

I politely informed him that I was rather busy at the moment.

After my son was finally born, I realized that I totally didn't need to have worried about my husband in the delivery room. He still describes it as one of the most amazing experiences in his life. 

We talked to 18 other dads to find out what they remember about being in the delivery room and how they really felt watching their children come into the world. Read on for their sweet and oh-so-real reactions.

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