12 Things Doulas Can Teach Ob-Gyns About the Birth Experience


They say it takes a village to raise a child, but the same could be said for bringing one into the world! That's why so many women are choosing to work with doulas in addition to obstetricians and midwives: While doctors often have too many patients to give each mom the kind of individual attention they might want, doulas specialize in giving moms personal and specialized support every step of the way. But this sharing of responsibilities can sometimes lead to communication breakdowns, so we asked real doulas: What do they want doctors to know?

Some of the doulas we spoke with had advice for traditional OBs on how they can relate to their patients better; others wanted to clear up some commonly held misconceptions about the doula field. But they all had one thing in common: a desire to work with, not against, doctors. 

Oh yeah, and one other thing -- a sincere interest in helping moms to have the best pregnancy and birth experiences possible!


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