15 Arabic Boy Baby Names That Are Melodic in Sound & Sweet in Meaning

Tanvier Peart | Oct 17, 2016 Pregnancy
15 Arabic Boy Baby Names That Are Melodic in Sound & Sweet in Meaning

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Baby names. Baby names. Baby names. Maybe if we say this three times, the perfect moniker will instantly appear for your pending bundle of joy that doesn't require hours of research, back-and-forth debates, and that bottle of wine you have to save until the baby comes. Sadly, that type of wizardry doesn't work, but at least we can help with a few options that come from the Arabic language.

Arabic is an Afro-Asiatic language that looks so heavenly when it's written (it's super gorg) and resonates with you when spoken. 

Seriously, guys ladies, it's pretty great.

We rounded up some of our favorite Arabic baby names for boys that are charming, melodic, and just give you all those amazing feels.


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  • Amir

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    Give your sweet boy a royal name by using Amir (ah-MEER). Arabic for "prince," this title is one that's perfect for a future king.

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  • Tariq

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    Tariq (one who knocks at the door) is a baby name that keeps on giving. Aside from having a poetic flow to its pronunciation (tah-REEK), you can spell Tariq many ways -- including Tarek, Tareq, and Tarik

  • Omar

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    We've all heard of the name Omar (OH-mahr), but did you know it has Arabic roots? Moms looking for a meaningful baby name should definitely consider Omar. It's Arabic for eloquent. Not bad, right?

  • Ibrahim

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    Taking a page from the Hebrew Abraham is the Arabic variation, Ibrahim. More about the I's and less about the A's, this vowel-changing variant ranks high on our list.

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  • Khalil/Khaleel

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    Children deserve to grow up with a special bestie, and they'll have that in Khalil -- assuming you like this baby name enough to choose it. As it's Arabic for "friend," you can teach your son the ins and outs of being a great BFF, like chatting over cheesy puffs and not standing anyone up for playdates at the playground.

  • Jamal

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    Are you surprised to see this popular '90s name on the list? Well, in case ya didn't know, Jamal is in fact an Arabic name. Pulling inspiration from jamāl, this baby name is all about being "handsome."

  • Malik

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    It's only fitting on a list of Arabic baby boy names for us to have an option fit for a "king." Malik (mah-LEEK) is a beloved throwback name that's regal and the perfect choice for your little boy.

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  • Ahmad/Amaad

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    Ahmad or Amaad (ah-MAHD) is a favored Arabic baby name. A variation of Muhammad, the adored Islamic prophet, Ahmad is Arabic for "highly praised," which makes this baby name one for the books.

  • Nasir

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    Wouldn't it be awesome if mothers had a little more assistance around the house? That sure would make the list of chores more manageable. Maybe those parents who name their son Nasir will get lucky. It's Arabic for "helper."

  • Hakeem

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    Want to raise a wise and sensible boy who, hopefully, will not give you too much back talk as he gets older? If so, you might want to take a look at the baby name Hakeem (ha-KEEM), which is Arabic for "judicious" -- we can only hope LO will learn the significance of his name and fall in line.

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  • Rashad/Rashaad

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    When you become a parent, there are certain things you hope for. You hope your kid turns out to be a decent human being, makes good grades, gets a good job, and has a loving family of his own one day. You also cross your fingers (really hard) that he develops common sense -- which is why Rashad or Rashaad is a baby name that's high on our list. Rashad means "having good judgment" in Arabic, and we'll take all the help we can get in that department.

  • Salem

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    Although this baby name might conjure up images of a witch trial, Salem (SAY-ləm) is a cross-cultural baby name rich in biblical history. Both an Arabic and Hebrew baby name, Salem, meaning "peace," is a beautiful name that's also a mentioned town in the Bible (in the land of Canaan).

  • Eisa

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    There wouldn't be a baby name list without an option that defies gender barriers. Eisa is an Arabic name parents bestow to their son. But it's also a girl baby name, too. No matter the case, we happen to enjoy it -- including Eisa's meaning, "God is my salvation." Sounds cool.

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  • Zaki

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    It's OK to rejoice if you've been waiting for an unconventional baby name. The Arabic language has tons of inspiration -- including sweet titles that start with the letter Z. Zaki, for example, is Arabic for "pure" and "full of virtue," which is alluring all around.

  • Sharif

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    Heyyy, Sharif! It's adorable, right? Arabic for "the honorable one," this baby name -- regardless if you spell it Sharif or Shareef -- is such a darling choice for your baby boy.

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