15 Arabic Boy Baby Names That Are Melodic in Sound & Sweet in Meaning

Tanvier Peart | Oct 17, 2016 Pregnancy

Little boy look out

Baby names. Baby names. Baby names. Maybe if we say this three times, the perfect moniker will instantly appear for your pending bundle of joy that doesn't require hours of research, back-and-forth debates, and that bottle of wine you have to save until the baby comes. Sadly, that type of wizardry doesn't work, but at least we can help with a few options that come from the Arabic language.

Arabic is an Afro-Asiatic language that looks so heavenly when it's written (it's super gorg) and resonates with you when spoken. 

Seriously, guys ladies, it's pretty great.

We rounded up some of our favorite Arabic baby names for boys that are charming, melodic, and just give you all those amazing feels.


Image via Zurijeta/Shutterstock

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