12 Moms Share the Grossest Things That Happened During Labor

Liz Alterman | Oct 14, 2016 Pregnancy

gross things happen in laborAnyone who tells you that giving birth is "beautiful" may be glossing over a few of the more embarrassing aspects of the blessed event. Of course, welcoming a new baby into the world is amazing and awe-inspiring, but it's not always without its mortifying and humbling moments. 

We asked the CafeMom community to share some of the grossest things they experienced during labor and delivery. As you can imagine, their answers are cringe-worthy yet totally relatable at the same time. Let's face it: Bringing a human into the world is no easy feat! 


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  • Poop

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    Pooping during labor is the most common embarrassing moment shared by moms. One mom explains her surprise:

    "I had no idea that my body could hold so much crap! I had them adjust the mirror so that I could watch the baby be born. I watched myself crap all over the place. It was disgusting!"

    Another shares that she wasn't the only one excreting:

    "Poop. My poop. My baby's poop. It was like a poopfest."

  • Vomiting

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    "Threw up in the oxygen mask."

    Ugh, this poor mama!

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  • Blood -- Everywhere

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    "When I was pushing with my second son, I needed an episiotomy. As soon as my OB made the cut, the pressure from my son's head caused blood to spurt out in a fantastic arc. It hit two nurses and soaked the doctor's face mask and scrubs. She looked like a scene from Dexter."

  • Gas

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    "Well, after I gave birth, when the obgyn was stitching me up, I, um, farted in her face. We both pretended it didn't happen. I still cringe about it seven years later."

    It's OK, mama, you're not alone. This mom had a similar experience.

    "I had very bad gas with my second and I couldn't stop farting. During contractions I was laughing because I was farting and there was nothing I could do but apologize. And I'm the type of person who laughs almost hysterically when I fart. I don't know why but it's so funny.. and then while pushing, the doctor kept turning her head like it was the most horrible thing ever(which for her I'm sure it was) I was very embarrassed. And it was pretty gross. "

  • Sudden Exposure

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    "I ended up needing a c-section. My FIL and MIL were in the room when a nurse came in to shave my lower area. Without warning, she just WHIPPED the sheet back to reveal my genital area to God and everyone. Needless to say, my in-laws decided it would be a good time to wait in the hallway."

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  • Amniotic Fluid -- Everywhere

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    "Well when my second daughter came out so fast with amniotic fluid built up behind her it was like a cork in a bottle effect and the doctor got splattered all over and looked shocked, lol!

  • Bedpan Accident

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    "Having the nurse slip and dump the bedpan in my bed. Keep in mind they were worried about infection because the membrane was already leaking."

    That's a mighty big "whoops!"

  • Public Shave-Down

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  • Armed & Ready

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    "I had a doctor shove his arm up to his elbow inside of me to push the cord back inside so the head would come first."

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  • Revealing Photos

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    "My mom and my ex-dh were in the room with my first child. My mom took pictures. She caught the babys head coming out and snapped the pic! She took it to my LOCAL CVS to get the film developed, where I knew just about everyone. Then to top it off she left them laying around and my nosey BIL seen them. Ugh. Needless to say I didnt allow cameras in again!"

  • Continuous Leakage

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    "This! Nobody told me and i never read it in ANY books that you just laid there and continued to leak like a hose. I felt so gross and wet the whole time. I put a folded towel between my legs. "

  • Plenty of Pee

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    "During labor had a room full of vistors and the nurse walks in emptied my pee bag into a large container that almost over flowed and proceeded to walk across the room and dumped it in the toilet. I could've just died I was so embarrassed. Visitors left pretty quickly after that."

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