12 Moms Talk Childbirth & What Actually Helped With Labor Pain

mom in labor

When it comes to the childbirth, every woman's ideal scenario is different: Some moms-to-be dream of a predictable hospital delivery, others of laboring in a pool of water, others of having their baby at home -- but if there's one thing every woman hopes for, it's a pain-free birth (or as pain-free as possible, at least!). The question, of course, is how to achieve that goal. Epidural? Deep breathing? Does anything really work?? We asked real moms what worked for them (and what didn't), and their answers might be surprising. 


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We all understand that childbirth can be very, very (did we say very yet?), VERY painful. But there are ways to help manage the pain. And we say "manage" because while some women are blessed with the elusive miracle of a truly pain-free birth, many of us decidedly do not have that experience. Between the contractions, the hours and hours of waiting for baby to come, and the time it takes to push the little one earthside, well, is it any wonder that women needed to come up with some hacks to make the experience a little more bearable? 

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We found women who were willing to share their tips and tricks for the big moment. Read on to see what worked for these moms, and don't go into labor unprepared! 

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