The Truth Behind Those At-Home Tricks to Make Labor Start -- According to Science

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When I was pregnant with my first kiddo, I watched as my due date came and went with nary a contraction. It was June in Arizona, with temperatures in the 100s. I was tired, I was hot, I was OVER IT. Like over 50 percent of other women in my situation, I was ready to try almost anything to get labor started.


When it comes to trying to jump-start labor when you are due or overdue, there are plenty of old wives' tales you can try, ranging from ideas that sound sort of fun (trampoline jumping, anyone?) to those that sound down right awful (I'm looking at you, castor oil). 

But are any of these methods actually scientifically proven to work? Or are there just lots of super pregnant women having sex for no good reason whatsoever... 

I put on my researcher hat to see if I could find out what science has to say about getting labor started. You might be surprised to see what works and what is just going to give you gas.

It should go without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyways: Always talk to your doctor before trying any of these ideas!


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