15 Unusual Baby Boy Names That Pay Homage to Autumn

15 Unusual Baby Boy Names That Pay Homage to Autumn

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Autumn is a beautiful time of year to be born. The leaves go from green to gold and red and orange, the air turns crisp, and the smell of fire and smoke permeates. It is a cozy time, a time to hunker down and cuddle with loved ones, making it the perfect time to hold your newborn. But what's a great name for a little boy born during this amazing time of year? (Or to a mom who loves this season best!)

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Inspired by the best parts of the season, from crisp apples and cozy evening fires, to the beautiful colors of the natural world, we've found names that are just unique and different enough. Think about a name that is like the best cozy sweater, sounds crisp to the ear, and reminds of drinking a big mug full of pumpkin spice latte. We're talking that good!

And the best part is that these names sound just as good throughout the rest of the year, from New Year's to the hot, muggy days of summer. These baby names will never go out of season.

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So hunker down and grab some much-deserved tea and a blanket. Here are ideas for boy names that pay tribute to the very best season - autumn!

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