Mom Cuts Her Own Umbilical Cord in Amazing Birth Photo

Brazilian photographer Marcia Kohatsu snaps powerful image of mother cutting her own umbilical cord

There's a reason why labor and delivery is often referred to as "D-Day." It's a period of intense emotions as expectant women transition into motherhood. There are times of agony, but there are also moments of wonderful euphoria. Brazilian photographer Marcia Kohatsu beautifully captured the calm after the storm with this photo of a new mother cutting her own umbilical cord. It's a stunning visual representation of the end of one journey and the start of another.


It's so hard to turn away from this striking image on the Nascer em Foco Instagram page, showcasing a new mother in all of her natural glory. It's not every day that we see a mom so up close and personal.

... let alone, cutting her own umbilical cord.

Brazilian photographer Marcia Kohatsu snaps powerful image of mother cutting her own umbilical cord


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One of the reasons I love this image so much is because of its simplicity. As mothers, it's incredibly easy to get caught up in the motions of giving birth that you miss all the alluring moments like this.

It's so awesome that Marcia was able to photograph this mother's childbirth experience as I'm sure Mom is so appreciative to have this memory -- and even share it with her child once he or she grows up.

This photo also speaks to life and how everything comes full circle. Not only did this mom birth a being from within her, but she was also the one to cut the umbilical cord that united her with baby.

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I never cut my sons' umbilical cords after delivery (that was a task the mister really looked forward to), but I love how empowering this photo is. In many ways, it goes against  the "tradition" our society often holds so dear (you know, of the dude being the one to snip the umbilical cord) and reiterates the strength of a woman and what her body undergoes to bring life into this world.

Who knows, maybe this mom will inspire a new movement of mommies who opt to cut their own cords after giving birth.

Thank you, Marcia, for capturing such an intimate moment.



Image via Marcha Kohatsu


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