23 Baby Names Parents Say They Regret Giving Their Kids

Tanvier Peart | Sep 23, 2016 Pregnancy
23 Baby Names Parents Say They Regret Giving Their Kids
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Choosing a baby name is a pretty big deal that often requires endless hours of research, back and forth debates, and a treaty to make sure all parties involved are on the same page. (And to think the UN is busy!) No matter how long it takes for a mom and dad to decide on the perfect name for a child, it's important for them to pick a name they really like ... because they just might become one of the parents who regret their kid's name. A new study from Mumsnet.com reveals that almost 20 percent of new parents surveyed confessed to having feelings of regret about the baby name they chose for their child. 

The UK website found that, of those parents with baby name remorse, roughly one-third of them experienced regret within just six weeks after their child's birth. Another 25 percent of those parents felt their dissatisfaction once LO started school.


Mumsnet recently provided CafeMom with a list of baby names that parents surveyed regretted the most. And as understandable as it is for many moms and dads to second-guess commonly used names (parents stated overuse was the common reason for their regret), some baby names on this list might be shocking.

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Thankfully, 90 percent of moms and dads surveyed say they don't have any plans of legally changing their child's name. Who knows, maybe they'll learn to love it!


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  • Charlotte

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    You would think the baby name Charlotte would be high on parents' "love" lists, but as it stands, it's actually the baby name parents surveyed regret the most. That's so interesting considering how timeless and regal a name like Charlotte is. At least Prince William and Kate enjoy this baby name.

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  • Amelia

    Image via FreelySky/Shutterstock

    One baby name you might be surprised to see on this list is Amelia. Sweet and serene, Amelia seems to be a popular baby name many parents surveyed regret giving their daughters -- which is a shame considering how pretty it sounds.

  • Anne

    Image via Dmitry Lobanov/Shutterstock

    Aww, who doesn't have love for Anne? It's endearing, uncomplicated, and a name bestowed on some of the most memorable authors and poets -- not to mention a pretty long list of royal ladies. 

  • Daniel

    Image via Anna Omelchenko/Shutterstock

    Come on, who doesn't love the name Daniel? It gives us so many nicknames -- like Dan, Danny, Danny-O -- which makes this baby name too good to pass up. Sadly, this popular Hebrew name for little gents-in-training earns a spot on the list of baby names parents regret.

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  • Jacob

    Image via In Green/Shutterstock

    If you happen to be #TeamJacob, we're sorry to say this name made the list of baby names parents regret. Jacob is very charming but is also a pretty popular baby name that could make some parents feel like it's not distinctive enough.

  • James

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    A certain British character -- who dresses up in amazing tuxedos and drinks martinis shaken and not stirred -- might make the name James sound cool, but that alone is not enough to keep this baby name off the list. (We still love you, Bond.) 

  • Thomas

    Image via Flashon Studio/Shutterstock

    Sadly, lovable Thomas finds a place on the list of baby names parents regret giving their children. What's interesting to note is that this popular biblical name also carries the nickname "Doubting Thomas." It's pretty safe to say that moms and dads who chose this name are experiencing doubt. Talk about an omen.

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  • Alex

    Image via Nadia Cruzova/Shutterstock

    Alex?! Sure, this name is a bit ordinary, but it could be a short name -- a nickname even -- for so many awesome baby names. There's Alejandro, Alessandro, Alexandria, Alexis, Alexander, and a long list of other wickedly awesome baby names. 

  • Anthony

    Image via noBorders - Brayden Howie/Shutterstock

    Playfully known as "another Tony," Anthony finds its way onto the list of regretted baby names. Maybe if they knew Anthony is Latin for "priceless," that would cheer up some parents!

  • David

    Image via Minnikova Mariia/Shutterstock

    It pains us to see David made this list of regrettable baby names. Was no one else a fan of Beverly Hills, 90210? Did Brian Austin Green not give you life growing up as David Silver? Even if his character wasn't inspiration for this baby name, David is still a pretty rocking choice.

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  • Emily

    Image via AlexSmith/Shutterstock

    Aww, who could ever regret such a darling baby name like Emily? It's such a delightful choice that offers a fun play on the classic Amelia. 

  • Frederick

    Image via Zdenka Darula/Shutterstock

    Freddy. Fred. Fred Man. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears a good number of moms and dads just aren't feeling the name Frederick anymore. 

  • Jack

    Image via Ilya Andriyanov/Shutterstock

    No matter how many famous Jacks we know -- including Jack Nicholson, Jack Black, Jackie Chan (hey, there's a Jack in there), and the late Jack Lemmon -- the numbers don't seem to matter. Jack is one of the baby names parents surveyed regret the most. 

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  • Jay

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    Who knew that a three-letter pet name would cause such disappointment? As sugary (you know, extra sweet) as the baby name Jay is, it doesn't seem to strike a chord with new parents. In fact, some wish they chose another name for their kids. 

  • Joseph

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    Little Joseph might be a cutie, but his baby name is one that parents surveyed say they regret. Maybe they know one too many Joeys? In the words of Joey Tribbiani, "These are just feelings. They'll go away."

  • Jane

    Image via SDJ/Shutterstock

    Jane might be a usual name to some, but it's such a classic. Jane Eyre. Jane Austen novels. The name Jane has given us tons of amazing literary works and inspiration to last a lifetime! 

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  • Lily

    Image via vlavetal/Shutterstock

    As fragrant as a floral-inspired baby name might be, some are more sweet-smelling to parents than others. Finding a spot on the list of most regrettable baby names is Lily, which might surprise some moms and dads. Perhaps parents who now dislike their choice no longer enjoy these trumpet-shaped blooms?

  • Louise

    Image via Happy Together/Shutterstock

    Are traditional baby names no longer in style? Louise was quite the popular name in the early 1900s, but has since lost demand. Now it appears to be a baby name moms and dads surveyed wish they didn't give their daughters. 

  • May

    Image via iuricazac/Shutterstock

    Mayday, mayday! It would appear parents who participated in the Mumsnet survey now wish they wouldn't have named their little girls May. A pet name thought to unite Mary and Margaret, this name is one we think is super sweet.

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  • Meghan

    Image via Flashon Studio/Shutterstock

    How many people do you know who have the name Meghan? It's a well-liked baby name that so many parents love to use. Maybe this is one of the reasons why some moms and dads surveyed now wish they chose another option.

  • Oscar

    Image via NIKS ADS/Shutterstock

    Aww. Please tell us this isn't true! Sadly, the baby name Oscar is a choice parents regret -- which makes us a bit glum considering how adorable it is. 

  • Ruby

    Image via Kokulina/Shutterstock

    As great as you might think this precious stone is, some parents feel Ruby, as a baby name, isn't that lustrous. Who knows why this red gem made the list of most regrettable baby names. All we know is it's here and moms and dads are second-guessing their decision.

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  • Sally

    Image via Mita Stock Images/Shutterstock

    Last but certainly not least is Sally. A precious pet name for Sarah, this baby name just doesn't seem to inspire moms and dads surveyed on Mumsnet anymore. Who knows if this baby name will reignite cheer again. (We're going to stay optimistic.) 

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