23 Baby Names Parents Say They Regret Giving Their Kids

Tanvier Peart | Sep 23, 2016 Pregnancy

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Choosing a baby name is a pretty big deal that often requires endless hours of research, back and forth debates, and a treaty to make sure all parties involved are on the same page. (And to think the UN is busy!) No matter how long it takes for a mom and dad to decide on the perfect name for a child, it's important for them to pick a name they really like ... because they just might become one of the parents who regret their kid's name. A new study from Mumsnet.com reveals that almost 20 percent of new parents surveyed confessed to having feelings of regret about the baby name they chose for their child. 

The UK website found that, of those parents with baby name remorse, roughly one-third of them experienced regret within just six weeks after their child's birth. Another 25 percent of those parents felt their dissatisfaction once LO started school.


Mumsnet recently provided CafeMom with a list of baby names that parents surveyed regretted the most. And as understandable as it is for many moms and dads to second-guess commonly used names (parents stated overuse was the common reason for their regret), some baby names on this list might be shocking.

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Thankfully, 90 percent of moms and dads surveyed say they don't have any plans of legally changing their child's name. Who knows, maybe they'll learn to love it!


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