23 Surprisingly Sweet Baby Names Inspired by Our Fave Horror Movies

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As frightening as horror movies can be, we just can't get enough of the chills we feel creep up our spines and the urge to let out a good scream when we watch them. Scary flicks remind us to double-check locked doors, close our blinds at night, look in the back seat of our cars, and sprint to our front doors should we hear rustling in the bushes. And what else do horror movies inspire? Baby names.


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So the next time it's decided the family is going to cuddle up and watch a scary movie, make sure to grab a pen and pencil. One just might come across a character whose name is perfect for a son or daughter -- or day we say, a little BOO or little ghoul! (Okay, we'll stop now).

Here's a rundown of some of our favorite baby names inspired by classic and modern horror films. These jeepers creepers may have given us a fright in their films, but IRL there are some good names that will inspire the Halloween feeling all year long. 

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And should a family choose to watch one of these films, just remember to keep a blanket nearby -- to help shield from scenes that will later be relived in nightmares.

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