See a Mom With Cerebral Palsy Give Birth on Her Own Terms in 12 Stunning Photos

Liz Alterman | Sep 16, 2016 Pregnancy

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When it comes to giving birth, most moms want to do it on our own terms. But for Kelly, a woman who was born with spastic cerebral palsy, her condition had the potential to complicate her birth plan. Photographer Jaydene Freund of Cradled Creations captured the birth photos of a mom who chose to listen to her intuition, follow her heart, believe in the strength of her body, and deliver her infant her way.

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These photos show the determination and fearlessness of a woman who, after being told by a doctor she'd need to deliver her first child via C-section, chose to find a midwife who would truly listen rather than dismiss her. After connecting with the right person, Kelly gave birth to her first son in under four hours -- without drugs, a C-section, or "medical interference whatsoever," she explains on Freund's photography blog. These pictures illustrate the juxtaposition of the vulnerability and courage of the human spirit. Take a look and feel empowered by the miracle of birth. It will make a mom feel encouraged and supported for her own birth. 

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  • Inside for Now

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    Kelly waits beside the window as her labor begins. Focusing on a point on the horizon no doubt helps her stay calm ahead of her impending delivery. 

  • Monitors in Place

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    Like most moms, Kelly wants to give birth on her own terms. Her intuition tells her she'll be able to have as smooth an experience as her first time, but she's still concerned -- and rightly so.

  • Waiting ...

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    Going into labor at 33 weeks, Kelly is obviously scared for the health and safety of her second child. It was during her own birth that a lack of oxygen to her brain caused her condition. This has to be a challenging time for her. 

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  • Labor of Love

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    Kelly and her partner support each other as they await the arrival of their new little one. Because Kelly is petite, it is always on their minds that she may need a C-section. She is 4'10", and her pre-pregnancy weight was just 90 lbs.

  • The Pain Is Real

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    Like the champ she is, Kelly gave birth to her first son without any drugs. You can tell by her face, she's ready for this child to arrive and the pain to giveway to boundless joy as she meets her new baby. 

  • Baby Is Here!

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    He's arrived! Kelly meets her new son. She shared this incredible moment from the birth on Freund's blog:

    "Right at the moment of crowning, my legs seized up, but even with a small opening, my body still allowed my baby to be born."


  • The Beginning of a Lifelong Bond

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    Look at the smile on Kelly's midwife's face. She's overjoyed to bring this little guy into the world -- and to do it in the way this mom wanted. What a miracle!

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  • Welcome, Baby!

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    Kelly writes: "I made a choice to have this baby and I wanted to feel like I had choices through pregnancy and birth. Some people liken birth to a 'ride.' Yes, it is. And if you let your body get in sync with it, if you can trust your natural rythyms within yourself, the things that tell your body to speed it up, slow it down, go with it, and to work with it - then yes- birth is that kind of ride. And you know what the best part of that ride? The people in the room with me on that ride believed, empowered and supported me."

    So beautiful!

  • Look at That Hat!

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    You have to love those newborn hats. Kelly looks so relaxed now. After all she has been through, it has been worth every moment when she holds her son and knows that her body did exactly what she hoped it would.

  • Thumbs Up

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    That look on this dad's face says it all -- and those thumbs up are just the icing on the cake. It's so sweet that Jaydene captured this special moment the family will always treasure.

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  • Perfection

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    Meet this perfect little fella. Though he's tiny at just a little over five pounds, he's still got those precious chubby cheeks that make you just want to pinch his sweet face.

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  • No Limits

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    "To me, my body has no limitations. It is incredible. It gives LIFE," Kelly writes. Simply awesome! This mom's story should serve as a wonderful reminder to always to listen to your gut instincts as a mom and as a woman.

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