15 Gorgeous Photos of One Mom's Outdoor Birth That Will Make You Want to Skip the Hospital

beautiful outdoor birth photo by Vannessa Brown Photography
Giving birth in a hospital bed surrounded by beeping machines is all well and good, but what if you could have your baby in a tub surrounded by the majesty of nature? That's what one mom did, and her magical labor and delivery was captured on film by Canadian photographer Vannessa Brown -- who says documenting an outdoor birth has always been at the top of her "bucket list." 

The pictures are absolutely stunning (as you'll see in our slideshow), but the experience wasn't without its own unique difficulties, as Brown tells CafeMom. "What made photographing this birth story unique was the lighting," she explains.

Lighting is always a challenge during birth photography, Brown says, because usually there isn't enough. But during this birth there were a few times where there was simply too much of it -- and Brown had to act fast!

"Lincoln was just born and the sun was perfectly rising behind him," she recalls. "I looked up and saw the second midwife standing right in the path of the beautiful glow! I had to tell her to shift to the right!" 

"We had a lot of laughs after the birth about how I was directing her where to stand," she added. "I am so lucky to work with such amazing midwives!"

And we're so lucky to see the results of this amazing photo session! 



Image via Vannessa Brown Photography

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