25 Gorgeous & Unusual Baby Names That Work for Boys or Girls

Michele Zipp | Aug 26, 2016 Pregnancy
25 Gorgeous & Unusual Baby Names That Work for Boys or Girls
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Choosing a name for a new baby is a huge responsibility, and many of us are loving the feeling of a gender-neutral name. These androgynous names are also so lovely, and many have a very unique quality. Not only are these names great for those who choose not to know the sex of their child until birth, but they also seem to lend their meaning truly to the child born to this name. These names have the magical ability to all feel creative and yet down-to-earth.

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Finding a baby name can be a challenge. We want a name that won't just sound good today, it needs to sound good in the future too. And we also don't want a name that only sounds good for children, because as sad as it makes us, one day our kids are going to grow up and they will need a name to match who they will be when they are adults. 

So what is the best game plan to ensure that baby will grow up to have a great first name? Why not try something off the beaten path? Unusual names are perfect. They don't sound completely overused today, so they will most likely sound perfect in the future! 

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Take a look at this list we've compiled and decide if taking a walk on the wild side is right for new baby! 

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  • Alvi

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    The name Alvi feels magical and makes a really great name for your little bundle of joy.

  • Ames

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    With its surname feel, Ames is also loosely translated in Latin for "love." Just one reason we love the name.

  • Ardin

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    Spelled Ardin or Arden, this is the name of the forest in Shakespeare's As You Like It. The name feels one with nature and strong.

  • Blair

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    The name Blair had a run in the '80s but has returned with a more hippie vibe to it. It means "dweller on the plain" and also has a slightly regal feel.

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  • Bodie

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    Names ending in "ie" have a nice flair, which is why we love the name Bodie so much.

  • Caden

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    The name Aiden is popular for a reason -- it's a great name. But to change it up a bit, we give you Caden, perfect for a boy or girl.

  • Charlie

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    With such universal appeal, the name Charlie is a nod to Charles but with a 21st century update.

  • Corin

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    The name Corin feels like an update on Corey. Corin oozes coolness.

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  • Dale

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    You can spell it Dayle or Dale, but this name is from the Old English Dael, so if you are into alternate spellings, that is another option. It means "in the valley."

  • Ellery

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    The name Ellery is uncommon yet doesn't have a sound that is familiar. We love it for boys or girls.

  • Ever

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    Milla Jovovich and Alanis Morissette have kids named Ever, and something about it feels magical.

  • Farron

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    Said to represent the color iron-gray, Farron is highly uncommon yet makes a perfect name.

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  • Harlan

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    There is something strong about the name Harlan -- and yet it also feels graceful. 

  • Indigo

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    Image via iStock.com/ onebluelight

    Instead of choosing the name Blue, consider Indigo. It's name associated with creativity.

  • Kai

    Image via iStock.com/Bodler

    This three-letter name not only sounds great but looks lovely as well. Meaning ocean, Kai just sounds like it's a name that belongs to a really cool kid.

  • Luca

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    The enchanting name Luca means "he or she who brings light" -- our children really are our little stars.

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  • Lyric

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    Musical names are always a great choice for boys or girls. The name Lyric is one of those names that can stand alone perfectly.

  • Manon

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    We're not sure why this name isn't gaining popularity, because it feels like a best-kept secret. Manon means "wished-for child" -- and that in itself makes it incredible.

  • Nico

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    Meaning "victory of the people," the name Nico has a sweet ring to it.

  • Parker

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    Parker Posey. Peter Parker. The name Parker is a perfect choice for your baby and means "keeper of the park," which gives it a nature feel as well.

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  • Phoenix

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    Names with an "x" have a very stylish feel, and the name Phoenix is no exception. A phoenix is a mythological bird with a fire spirit, making it a lovely choice in name. 

  • Rey

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    Star Wars fans will love this one, but the name Rey is most definitely gender neutral. It's also believed to be derived from the French word for king, which is roi.

  • Teagan

    Image via iStock.com/photog2112

    The name Teagan feels very modern and yet gives the vibe of a bit of Irish vintage spirit.

  • Yuri

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    Image via iStock.com/mapodile

    With its meaning of "lily" or "light of God," the name Yuri can also be spelled Uri and has a great sound and is still very original.

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  • Zephyr

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    Names that begin with "Z" hold a special place in our hearts and the great name Zephyr means "soft breeze." Super sweet.

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