Watch This Pregnant Mom Wake-Surf to Bring on Labor (It Works!)

mom wake-surfs to bring on labor
When you're an expectant mom who is past her due date, you may be willing to try anything -- within reason, of course -- to kick-start labor. We thought we'd heard all the go-to solutions, from sex to castor oil and everything in between, but one mom came up with a unique approach that's not only super-cool, but also seems to have done the trick! Kolby Fahlsing, 32, grabbed her board and went wakesurfing in the hope of inducing labor, and this mom-to-be and all her awesome wave-riding splendor is captured on video.


First of all, let's just give this mom credit for putting on a bathing suit during her third trimester -- no small task. Secondly, having a baby bump has to throw off your balance and center of gravity, but you'd never know it from this video. Check out this awesome mama!

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And, best of all, it looks like surfing did the trick! Meet Wilder, which seems like the perfect name for a baby born to such an adventurous woman. So adorable! 

He's perfect! Almost a day old already � Wilder Kipp #ivfbaby #deivf #theembryothatcould

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Some people watching the video may wonder: Just how safe is wakeboarding for a pregnant woman? Fahlsing addressed this on her Instagram account, writing:

I spoke with my doctor about it. We talked a few times about how to be safe while doing it. He knows me and my stresses so he knew it was good for my stress level and my body. I think what people need to know is that it's behind an inboard (wakeboat) where prop is under boat and speed is about 9 mph. So it's no different than me jumping in a pool.

Watching that video, you can just tell Kolby is going to be a great mom. Even though her caption makes it seem as if she's incredibly uncomfortable -- and who isn't at 39 weeks pregnant? -- she didn't mope about the house. She got out there and made the best of it. That's an awesome lesson to impart to your kids. Chances are, Wilder will have a board of his own before too long and they'll be riding the waves together. 


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