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    Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and his 26-year-old girlfriend, Abbey Wilson, are expecting their first children. I say children because, yes, Abbey is pregnant with twins. According to reports, Francis and Wilson opted to get pregnant via IVF because they wanted to be able to choose the sex of their baby: They're having girls. Francis said, "We chose to have girls. I believe people will finally understand my love, respect, and admiration for women. I love girls." Oh. Okay.

    Thus far, there had been no indication that Wilson wasn't able to have children naturally; the couple simply wanted healthy babies that were female. "We both wanted girls and we wanted them to be healthy and free of genetic diseases so we chose to do IVF," Wilson told Us Weekly.

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    I was visiting a friend this past weekend and we got to talking about baby advice. As you might guess, with four kids, I often get asked what tips I'd give to new moms.

    Over the years, I've come up with some pretty great answers, but the advice my friend gave at a recent baby shower topped any of mine. In fact, it's so awesome, I'll be doling it out whenever I can (with credit to her, of course).

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    Holy cuteness -- That '70s Show's Jackie and Kelso are all grown up and having a baby! That's right, guys, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher didn't just declare their love for each other by getting engaged a month ago -- they are expecting their first child! Can you imagine how absolutely gorgeous this baby is going to be considering mom's and dad's amazing genes? Even more importantly, he or she will be surrounded by love and smiles, as it seems this couple can't get enough of each other and appear to always bring out the best in each other. Hurray!

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    Great. As if we didn't already have enough to keep track of as far as what kinds of things are and are not safe during pregnancy, new research suggests that taking Tylenol while pregnant could increase your child's risk of developing ADHD. Yep. Since it disrupts the endocrine system, it can potentially mess with hormones and things of that nature.

    And here's what's really unsettling about the whole deal. Researchers looked at 64,000 moms and children, and they determined that a child's risk for ADHD went up when moms took Tylenol one day per week -- even during their first trimester.

    But considering how many women don't even realize they're pregnant for those first few weeks -- what are we supposed to do? Kick Tylenol to the curb altogether just in case we happen to have a baby on board?

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    Anyone who is pregnant and has been subjected to a barrage of tests may have a difficult time understanding the paradox of the following two words: "entertainment ultrasound." Lord knows most procedures and moments associated with pregnancy and childbirth -- aside from that glorious second you finally meet your baby -- aren't a walk in the park. Yet that term could apply to any number of unnecessary ultrasounds that pregnant moms can choose to get, including 3-D fetal videos and sonograms performed at "non-medical clinics" that can tell you your baby's gender quicker than ever before. It's no wonder some doctors are railing against these procedures -- but women should be up in arms about them, as well. 

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    Could Eva Mendes actually be pregnant? That's the theory of The Daily Mail after Eva was supposedly spotted avoiding the security body scan at Los Angeles International Airport. Keep in mind no one else is reporting this, so who knows. And maybe Eva didn't want TSA guards "laughing" at her perfect body, as supposedly they laugh at our bodies. Though I'm sure no one is laughing at Eva's. Maybe she didn't want them drooling. But if true it would certainly bring up the question -- who's the daddy? Eva was (is?) Ryan Gosling's longtime girlfriend, but the two haven't been photographed together in months.

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    Mark and Britt Sherman are not only a super adorable couple, they're actually pretty inspirational as well. They've served as missionaries in Papua New Guinea and Tanzania, and plan to head back to east Africa as soon as possible. They're also prolific bloggers with amazing stories to tell over at Those Crazy Shermans.

    But they've had something else going on in their lives too -- a new baby! After spending years thinking they didn't want kids, they had a change of heart and captured Britt's pregnancy in the best time-lapse "growing belly" video I've ever seen.

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    Learning about the pregnancy and childbirth beliefs from cultures around the world is nothing short of fascinating, don't you think? Whether you follow them or not, we have our "standard" ones in the U.S. -- don't tell people you're pregnant until after the first trimester, for one -- so don't you ever wonder what other unwritten protocols mamas-to-be follow? There are some truly unbelievable ones out there!

    Here are 25 pregnancy beliefs from around the world.

    (Note: Everyone from these cultures doesn't necessarily adhere to these beliefs.)

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    Plenty of parents wind up having their babies fairly close together in age -- but one mom in the U.K. is getting way more than she bargained for after conceiving triplets four weeks after giving birth to her first child!

    I know. My head is spinning too over the idea of have four babies all under the age of 1 in the span of less than a year. Holy. Moly.

    Sarah and Benn Ward had a tough time getting pregnant with their son, Freddie. They decided to go ahead and start trying for another baby shortly after his birth, thinking it would take quite some time again.

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    When it comes to pregnancy announcements, some are sweet, some are really cute -- and then there are those that are so unique and fun, you could kick yourself for not thinking of them when you told people you had a baby on board.

    Like the couple who turned their pregnancy news into a horror movie scene ... literally. No, not with blood and gore and guts and all that junk.

    Take a look -- I promise you won't be too terrified.

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