16 Unusual Baby Girl Names Borrowed From Our Favorite Books

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From Elizabeth Bennet to Hermione Granger, literature is stuffed full of incredible heroines just waiting for a future mom and dad to rip off their name and give it to their baby. Or, as it politely is called, "borrowing" their name and giving it to their baby. Either way, these ladies have strength and grace and any baby girl would be lucky to wear a name blessed by the fictional heroines of our favorite books. 


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There are obviously a million to choose from, but we picked 16 of our favorites -- these leading ladies had to have a great story and a great name to pass our test, plus be a little unexpected. For the record, it really pained us to not put Alice or Scarlett O'Hara or Jo March on this list (those and many other favorites can be found here), but we really committed to being unexpected. We thought back to our favorite books from when we were younger and wanted to make a list that included some personal favorites as well. That said, all these names are great choices and any would be perfect for a baby girl.

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Click through and see if any of these literary girls' names bring back the warm, cozy feeling of reading these beloved books! 

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