17 Unique Hebrew Baby Boy Names Rich in History & Meaning

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Since ancient times, the Hebrew language has influenced everything from cultures to literature. And while its revival has found a home in modern times, this classical tongue continues to inspire so many people -- including parents on a quest to uncover the perfect baby name. Even if one happen to be clueless about Hebrew pronunciation and its writing system (think right to left), this language is an abundant source of literary influence and wonder.


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One might not think they know any Hebrew names, but they are actually more common than we think. Jake, Reuben, and Caleb are all actually Hebrew, while other names like Jedi, Gavi, and Abdiel might seem more traditional. But no matter what one's familiarity is with Hebrew, these names are sure to start some meaningful conversations. Not to mention that each name has a ton of history -- there are bound to be other historical figures for a LO to emulate. 

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A mama's sweet prince deserves the best, which is why we're taking a look at the most charming Hebrew baby names for boys. Read on for the names that made our list of favorites and let us know which names hold the most meaning -- and which ones our reader's will add to their lists.

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