13 Spellbinding Baby Names Inspired by Harry Potter

Kiarra Sylvester | Aug 5, 2016 Pregnancy
13 Spellbinding Baby Names Inspired by Harry Potter

baby wizard costumeHarry Potter fans are still reeling after the release of the latest book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. For us, though, not only was it exciting, but it also gave us a major strike of #inspo, as we're always looking for new baby names. Many of the names in the Harry Potter series are timeless classics -- giving old vibes a new spin. 

We've been obsessed with the magical world of Hogwarts forever, and now, with these 13 baby names, you can bring a little piece of that magical place home.


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  • Dolores


    Dolores Umbridge went on to replace Dumbledore after he was fired, but she wasn't half the outstanding being he was. Her character was filled with deceit but, ironically, I guess that describes a lot of the people in the magical world.

  • Harry


    We wouldn't even be having this discussion if it weren't for the main character himself. Not only that, but Harry is a young guy filled with courage, triumph, and love.  

  • Ginevra


    Ginevra (or Ginny for short) Weasley was Harry's sweetheart and the little sister of his best friend, Ron. Aligned with the rest of the female characters, she was made of nothing but strength and courage. 

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  • Oliver


    As the former "keeper" and "captain" of Gryffindor's Quidditch team, Oliver Wood was the epitome of a team player. 

  • Hermione


    The brave, supportive, and honest Hermione Granger is the girl we all looked up to with her take-no-sh*t attitude. 

  • Dean


    As a "half-blood" who knew nothing of his magical side for much of his life, Dean Thomas overcame a lot before (and even after) becoming part of the Gryffindor house. 

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  • Lily


    Harry's mum Lily Potter was seemingly the girl next door in her day. With two magical men fighting for her affection, she also inevitably bagged a heartbreaker. 

  • Vincent


    As a member of Slytherin, Vincent Crabbe was a dark wizard. But the kid had a cool name -- what can I say? 

  • Luna


    A brave and humbled girl, Luna Lovegood was apart of the Ravenclaw family and always, always loyal to Harry's causes. In fact, Harry goes on to name his daughter Lily Luna. 

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  • Vernon


    Okay, so, don't let your child actually turn out like Vernon Dursley, Harry's uncle -- but it's still a nice classic name we don't see much anymore. 

  • Bellatrix


    As a loyal servant to the dark lord, Bellatrix Lestrange was powerful in her own right. Shorten this edgy name to Bella for a nickname or to just ... take off some of the edge. 

  • James


    The man who even in death has passed along so much of his goodness to Harry -- James Potter. A good, solid name. 

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  • Helena


    Helena was the ballsy daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw (one of the Hogwarts founders). Her legacy continued to live on in House of Ravenclaw after she was murdered by an angry lover. 

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