19 Hebrew Baby Names for Girls That Have So Much Sweet Meaning

Tanvier Peart | Aug 12, 2016 Pregnancy

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Believe it or not, Hebrew baby names are quite common these days. In fact, there's a pretty good chance that friends and family sporting one of these Semitic-inspired names are all over the place. Packed with rich history and strong cultural ties, the Hebrew language provides ample baby name ideas for when a sweet baby girl is on the way. Not familiar with all of the beautiful and unique Hebrew names? We found some baby names that are sure to pop! 

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Unsure about what Hebrew names look like? Well, they are more common than one might think. Many names that we are used to seeing -- such as Abigail -- have Hebrew origins that we may not realize. Often these names have become Americanized in the past 50 years, but either way, whether one is sticking with the original Hebrew or the newer versions, Hebrew names have a charm all their own. We're taking a look at some Hebrew girl names that will steal hearts and move to the top of parents' short list. Sure, one might've seen a few of these baby names before, but there are plenty of less popular options that likely flew under the radar. Take a look at the Hebrew names that we've compiled and see how meaningful these names really are!

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  • Elsa

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    "Let it go, let it go!" (Sorry, having a Frozen moment.) If you have yet to free yourself from the grasp of this icy Disney mega hit, rest assured Frozen still serves a purpose. Elsa is an abbreviated version of the Hebrew Elizabeth -- and elīsheba', meaning "God is my oath" -- which is the perfect baby name for a future heiress of a kingdom.

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  • Abigail

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    Doesn't your heart just melt at the sound of this baby name? Derived from avigayil, "father of exaltation," is the super delightful Abigail. Not only is it all around adorable, but dear Abigail also gives us the nicknames Abby and Gail that are both well-liked.

  • Sadie

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    Spoiler alert: This baby name totally brings the cute factor. (You've been warned.) As much as we enjoy the name Sarah -- from the Hebrew sārāh ("princess") -- Sadie is a divine sobriquet that's too perfect to pass up. And if that doesn't inspire you to put it on your short list, Sadie tips her hat to Sadie Hawkins Day, which encourages ladies ask the men on dates.

  • Eliana

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    Hebrew for "my God has answered," Eliana is a stunning baby name that's full of so much grace. It also has roots in Latin, as Aeliānus (of the sun) is considered a family name. Eliana. It's like an adorable fusion of Eliane and Anna.

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  • Mariah

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    "Me and Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers." (In case you didn't catch it, this is a lyric from Mariah Carey's "Fantasy.") Whether you choose to spell this baby name Mariah or Moriah, just know it's a darling choice. A variation of the Hebrew Moriya (teacher), this name will have your little diva-in-training ready to take the world (or music stage) by storm.

  • Aviva

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    Aviva. Pulling sounds from the classic Vivian (think Brad and Angelina), Aviva is Hebrew for "spring like" that will stir up beautiful images of freshly bloomed flowers and sounds of chirping birds.

  • Zera

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    What better way to commemorate new "beginnings" than with the name Zera? Aside from being magical, this Hebrew name is extremely striking and perfect for your one-of-a-kind daughter.

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  • Bethany

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    Maybe your daughter will grow up to become a reality star and build a highly successful cocktail brand? (Hey, it could happen.) Even if you aren't familiar with Bethenny Frankel, or The Real Housewives of New York, the name Bethany is extremely popular. And should you happen to enjoy sweet fruits, this baby name comes from the Hebrew Bet t'eina (house of figs) -- so there you go.

  • Sela

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    Also spelled Selah -- which appears many times in the Bible's book of Psalms -- this baby name encourages both pause and reflection. Hebrew for "rock," the name Sela is a darling choice for your daughter with luminous vibes and tons of sophistication.

  • Eve

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    Come on, how can you not like the name Eve or her fun-loving nickname, Evie? It's such a classic and is the mother of all baby names! Noted in Abrahamic religions as the first woman to ever walk Earth, Eve is a badass Hebrew name that's full of life.

  • Jordan

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    Even though we can't guarantee your child will see success on the court (or float in the air) like a certain NBA great, parents will likely find solace with this highly favored unisex name. Jordan hails from the Hebrew yarden (to flow down) and is a historical baby name (the River Jordan, anyone?) that keeps on giving.

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  • Anika

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    We aren't mind readers, but it's pretty safe to assume all parents want their kids to be merciful, right? Pulling positive vibes from the Hebrew hannāh (gracious), Anika is all about compassion and forgiveness. Feel free to pronounce this baby name ANN-ih-ka or a-NEE-ka. We won't judge. 

  • Ilana

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    One widely used Hebrew name we can't love enough is Ilana. Pronounced i-LAH-nə, this is a very sturdy baby name choice considering it means "oak tree" in Hebrew. When shortened to Lana, this tranquil name becomes even more adorable.

  • Miriam

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    Precious, precious Miriam. Such a delightful baby name that would make any parent cheerful ... assuming your daughter isn't tearing up the house or anything. Noted as a derivative of the classic Mary, Miriam has strong Judaic and Christian ties as the older sister of Moses. (You know, "Let my people go"?) 

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  • Kezia

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    Also spelled Keziah (feel free to add the H if you want to be extra fancy), Kezia is a baby name that leaves a lasting impression. We're fans of the K and Z that help give it extra flavor. You'll find it hard to resist the nicknames Kezzy, Key, and Zia. (They're so precious!)

  • Neomi

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    A voguish twist to the Hebrew Naomi (delightful, pleastant), Neomi is a fierce baby name alternative that will have celebs like Naomi Campbell and Naomi Watts taking note. Slay, Neomi, slay!

  • Joelle

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    Joelle is the female version of Joel that packs its own punch. Hailing from the Hebrew yō'ēl (Jehovah is his God), this baby name sounds like Joey and Noel met and decided to become besties.

  • Naamah

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    It's okay if this baby name makes you want to roll out your yoga mat and channel your inner zen. Naamah is a peaceful baby name with an even sweeter meaning. No, really -- it's Hebrew for "sweetness," along with "beauty," and "grace." Needless to say, Naamah is the perfect name to bestow on a little girl.

  • Ruth

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    In the Bible, Ruth was a woman whose strength shined in her humility and dedication to family. Thought to come from the Hebrew rē'ūth, Ruth is a praised name with ties to being a "compassionate friend."

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