Mama June Says Docs Cut Honey Boo Boo During C-Section -- Can This Happen?

honey boo boo and mama june

Dear Internet,

Today, we'd like to gently remind you that you shouldn't believe everything you read. This lesson is brought to you courtesy of ... Mama June, Honey Boo Boo's mother.


Recently, the more-than-willing-to-share matriarch made a shocking claim on the E! reality program Botched, a show in which cosmetic surgeons attempt to fix plastic surgeries gone awry.

While speaking to doctors about the extensive scar tissue she has as a result of four C-sections, 36-year-old Mama J. proclaimed that it was already so thick by the time that Honey Boo Boo arrived, the doctor couldn't figure out how deep to put his scalpel. And as a result, he cut open Honey Boo Boo's head. TWICE.

"You're saying when he did the C-section he got so deep it actually cut into Honey Boo Boo's forehead?" one of the doctors on Botched asks, disbelieving.

"In all my life, I've never heard of a C-section where a scalpel goes too deep and actually slices into the baby's forehead or even touches a baby," the show's other doctor added.

It's actually worth watching this clip just for the doctors' facial expressions. They are truly befuddled.

But you know, because this is Mama June -- she who believes that farting 12 to 15 times a day can help you lose weight -- a gust of controversy has been kicked up.

Is what Mama June described even POSSIBLE? Is she making it up for attention? Did she misunderstand what really happened?

Or, by Jove, do C-section "scalpel slips" happen more often than we think?

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"Very strange," says Dr. Nicole E. Williams, MD, FACOG, a board-certified gynecologic surgeon with The Gynecology Institute of Chicago, about Mama June's claim.

"I myself have never heard of an infant getting cut during a C-section," admits Dr. Williams. "During a scheduled Cesarean, we carefully dissect the layers as the uterus is entered, and only make a very small incision as we enter the uterine cavity."

The only possibility of a small accidental cut, Dr. Williams adds, is if it were an emergency and the surgeon had to move very quickly to open the uterus to rescue the baby.

Dr. Diana Hoppe, MD, FACOG, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Encintas, California, and founder of Amazing Over 40 Inc. (a health coaching certification program for women), had a similar reaction when contacted by CafeMom.

Because this happened during Mama June's fourth C-section, "the tissues at the lower uterine section could have been quite thin," she notes. But still, "[it's] highly unlikely that this happened."

So can moms-to-be stop freaking out? (If they were in the first place?)

"Yes," assures Dr. Hoppe, "moms can rest easy this won't happen to their child."


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