13 Next-Level Baby Names Inspired by Pokemon Go (Yes, Really)

Laura Wattenberg | Jul 27, 2016 Pregnancy

Tens of millions of Americans are out tracking wild Pokémon every day. We have to ask: Could today's virtual beasties become tomorrow's trendy baby names? It's not such a far-fetched notion! We've entered a golden age of geek names. The top-1000 baby names list is already studded with fantastical creations like Anakin from Star Wars, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, Castiel from Supernatural, and Kal-El from Superman. Can little Pikachus, Jigglypuffs, and Wigglytuffs be far behind?

Okay, so maybe it is a far-fetched notion. But believe it or not, one Pokémon name is already climbing in the baby name stats ... which you'll learn as we count down the top potential Pokémon baby names.


Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Ruta Production/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

  • Ekans

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Viktorija Reuta/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    The name Nevaeh (heaven backwards) brought wordplay to the baby name mainstream. Ekans adds a little extra "bite" to the backwards name style.

  • Vaporeon

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; gresei/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    This is a Pokémon power name, a rare, elegant, and powerful creature with a name to match. Yet to be determined: whether your baby would inherit the ability to control water. And why a water master has a name that sounds like air.

  • Charmander

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; bastetamon/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    Everyone's always happy to find a Charmander. That adds a special glow to a name that already sounds like Chandler with extra charm -- and -er is one of the hottest name endings around.

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  • Rhydon

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    Hundreds of American babies last year received names like Rhyder and Rhylee. Watch for parents to choose this name and never let on to their families that it's a Pokémon dinosaur.

  • Spearow

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Ollyy/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    Names ending in an -o sound like Willow and Shiloh are hot, and Spearow could fit right in. It's a handy cross between a nature name and a weapon name.

  • Chansey

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Iasha/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    It's Chance + Kelsey! That's a lot of neo-preppy appeal wrapped up in one rosy, rotund, egg-laying Pokémon.

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  • Scyther

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; karen roach/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    Has the hit name Gunner gotten too popular for your liking? This Pokémon, named after the blazingly fast scythes on its arms, could be an equally deadly alternative.

  • Victreebel

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Flame of life/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    What's one step bolder than a Liberty Bell? A Victory Bell! Think of Victreebel as a cross between Victoria and Isabel -- and Audrey II, the voracious man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

  • Abra

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Ruta Production/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    Short and sweet, Abra is the rare Pokémon with some history as a baby name. There's even a Saint Abra. That could make it the easiest choice to get past the grandparents, even as you quietly slip in the name of its evolution, Kadabra, as a middle name.

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  • Kingler

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; StanislauV/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    This crab has set its colossal claw at the intersection of two big trends, royalty names and -er names.

  • Nidoran

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    So you say you like unisex names? Nidoran is the only Pokémon with both male and female versions. While they evolve into single-sex Nidoking and Nidoqueen, at their basic level they both go by the androgynous name Nidoran.

  • Onix

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; hkeita/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    Onyx is already a fast-rising name for boys. Tweak the vowel and you have a magnetic rock snake. It's that easy.

  • Eevee

    Image via Nintendo/Pokemon; Katrina Elena/Shutterstock. Design by Anne Meadows.

    Last year two dozen American girls were named Eevee, like the popular genetically flexible Pokémon. Eevee sounds like the familiar nickname Evie, but make no mistake, this is no mere respelling. The number of Eevees (compared to Eedees, Eevas, etc.) makes it clear that the Pokémon Generation is coming of age.

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