20 Heavenly Baby Girl Names for Little Angels

Laura Wattenberg | Jul 22, 2016 Pregnancy

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Expecting a little angel soon and want her name to match? That's a common feeling -- many parents look for heavenly qualities in a name. Whether a family wants to express spiritual beliefs, pass on a wish for her lifelong bliss, or share that this new birth has a deeply special meaning, these idyllic choices are full of otherworldly charm. And why shouldn't they? Angelic names are perfect for the new little angel about to be born! 

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Of course, we couldn't create this list without addressing one name in particular. It's been a few years since Nevaeh, which spells "heaven" backward, took this country by storm, and we thought it was time for a check-in. Does it still hold the baby name crown?

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Even though Nevaeh is still in the top 50 names for girls (sitting between Alexis and Sarah), it's slowing down in popularity since it hit a peak in 2010. Baby Name Wizard has discussed how polarizing Nevaeh can be, but whether loved or hated, there are plenty of equally inspiring celestial names. The great news is that these encompass a variety of styles, so expectant parents are bound to find one or two that lift them to another realm.


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