30 Gorgeous Spanish Baby Names for Girls That Shouldn't Be Overlooked

Tanvier Peart | Jun 18, 2020 Pregnancy
30 Gorgeous Spanish Baby Names for Girls That Shouldn't Be Overlooked
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There are so many reasons to fall in love with everything about the Spanish language. Aside from wowing our socks off when spoken -- it really is that romantic -- it also provides so much inspiration, including in the baby name department! Think about it. How many Spanish baby names does one hear daily or weekly? Too few, we think, considering all of the stunning and timeless options that exist. Whether it's a nod to mom or dad's family heritage, inspired from a pop culture favorite, or timeless classic, there are tons of wonderful possible options for a mom's growing girl!

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Dying to find a baby name that is a little less common? Names from a foreign country can be a really appealing option. They're distinctive, often sound beautiful, and are sure to get some interested admirers. Spanish names are no exception. Or perhaps Spanish names just appeal to a love of the language. No matter what, these names might just inspire a few excited parents to plan their babymoon in a Spanish-speaking country. Should a soon-to-be mom or dad happen to be on the search for a few gems, we've got it covered. Here are some darling Spanish baby names for little girls that any parent will not want to overlook. We are obsessed with #11!

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    Looking for a Spanish name with a goddess feel? Try Aurora! This name comes from the Roman goddess of the sunrise, so it's perfect for a baby who might end up being an early riser. What's great about Aurora is that it lends itself to the nickname Rory, which is equally cute but has a totally different vibe. We love options!



    Parents wanting a vivacious name option might want to consider Vivian. This name, which has been trending in the top 100 names for girls in the United States as recently as 2018, comes from the Latin word for "life." We love the short and sassy nickname of Vivi too!



    A Spanish name that has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last decade is Amaya. This name means either "mother city" or "night rain." An alternate spelling option is the equally pleasing Amaia.



    Perhaps the most famous Celia was iconic Cuban singer Celia Cruz. Celia Cruz made heavenly music, which makes sense because this Spanish name comes from the Latin word for heaven. Parents who might also like the closely related names Celeste or Cecilia should give Celia, pronounced "SEEL- y- ah," a try.



    There is something so delicate and lovely about butterflies, isn't there? The Spanish word for butterfly is equally lovely, which is why Mariposa is on our list! Mariposa is an elegant option, and Mari is a fun nickname for a younger girl.



    Twinkle, twinkle little Estrella! This sweet name, which means "star" in Spanish, is pronounced "es-STRAY-ah." This name has some great nickname options, including Stella, Este, and Ella, and would be an adorable twin option when paired with Luna. (Star and moon -- how cute is that?)



    Many moms-to-be grew up reading the Ramona series of books by Beverly Cleary but might not have realized that the name actually has Spanish roots! This name, which means "wise protector," is a mixture of classic and a little quirky. Mona is a pleasing nickname option as well.



    This name, which can also be spelled Thalia, means "dew from heaven" and is pronounced "Tah-LEE-ah." With a similar sound to the name "Taylor," Talia/Thalia might be a nice option for parents who like that name but want something a little less common.



    Parents looking for a Spanish name with a nature connection might be surprised to know they can add Yesenia to the list. This name, which is sometimes considered the Spanish version of the name Jessica, actually means "palm tree." The name is relatively uncommon, given that it has never been ranked in the top 500 most popular names in the United States. 

  • LUNA


    Night, night little Luna. This lovely name, which comes from the Latin from "moon," is on the rise in popularity in both the United States and Spain. Famous mom Chrissy Teigen chose this name for her adorable daughter and we can see why! It is basically perfect.



    Parents who love both art and Latin American culture should definitely have Frida on the list. Although the name has German roots, it is probably most commonly associated with iconic Spanish-speaking artist Frida Kahlo. The name itself means "peaceful," which is always a lovely vibe for a baby name.



    Here's a name that is sweet as can be! Dulce, pronounced "d-OO-l-say," literally means "sweet" in Spanish. We really like the soft sound of this name paired with a stronger-sounding middle name. Pilar or Maria are good middle name option to consider.



    Some Spanish names have Latin roots, including the elegant choice Bianca. The popularity of this name peaked in the United States in the 1990s, so even though it isn't quite a vintage name yet, it may be ripe for a comeback in the next few years.



    Fact: Pilar is a wonderful name that is seriously underused in the United States. Pilar is Spanish for "pillar of strength" and is a lovely option for parents wanting to raise a daughter who is strong, independent, and knows her own worth.


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    A baby name that's so good, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes used it twice. (Amada is the middle name of their first daughter, Esmeralda, and the first name of their second child.) Spanish for "loved," Amada is one of those cheery baby names that will make anyone start grinning for days. Amada. See, total smiles!


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    In Español, the letter "y" (it also doubles as the conjunction "and") sounds like eee -- which gives a fun update to the classic Isabel. Ysabel is a Spanish variant that scores some major wow points in the style department.


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    Rocío might remind some parents of the name Roxy -- or the awesome musical Chicago -- but it actually means "dewdrops" in Spanish. Pronounced roh-SEE-oh, this baby name might inspire some singing in the rain!

  • MAR

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    Doesn't an excursion on the water sound heavenly right about now? Even parents who don't have a boat or live by the ocean can still take a piece of the "sea" with them by choosing the name Mar. So simple and pretty.

  • ALMA


    Spanish for "soul," Alma is a gorgeous baby name that warms the spirit. Alma is on trend for names that start with a vowel but is a lot less common than other "A" names, so it is perfect for parents looking for an underused choice.



    Although this baby name might conjure up images of a symphony, Chelo is all about the art of discussion and negotiation. Hailing from the Spanish Consuelo (consolation), Chelo has a bit of whimsy to it that makes it all the more enjoyable.

  • JADE

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    There is a long tradition of girl's names based on gems or beautiful elements from nature and Jade is a perfect example of that! This name, which is Spanish for "stone of the side," is smooth and sophisticated.


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    Fans of the name Lorraine will love Lorena. Aside from just rrrrolling off the tongue, this Spanish alternative is flawless and so delightful for a baby girl. Plus, parents can have a little fun with it -- like saying, "Lorena, mi nena." (That's Spanish for Lorena, my baby or sweetheart.) See, that rhymes.



    Not to be confused with a popular dish soap is the name Paloma. Spanish for "dove," this name is often associated with peace, which is all a mother needs to hear to move it right on up her short list. Peace is very important, especially in a home with small children.


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    Although Santana is common name for baby boys, its roots scream girl power. A fun play on "Santa Ana," Santana is thought to honor Saint Anne, the presumed mother of the Virgin Mary. Pretty holy, and pretty awesome. Ana is a great built-in nickname option.



    Whether a parent chooses the version with one s or two, Brisa, or Brissa (pronounced BREE-sə), is lighthearted and all about being laid-back. Seriously, how can anyone not like a name that's Spanish for "breezy"?


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    Did anyone else grow up reading the book series about Eloise? She had wonderful adventures that whisked us away to everyday and unforgettable places. Parents who happen to be a fan of the book series or just the name should consider Eloisa. It's a Spanish variant that means "healthy," and would be a world-class baby name for any little girl.

  • LAIA

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    Hearing the name Laia might stir up images of a strong galactic princess fighting alongside her twin brother, but this baby name has roots in Castilian Spanish. A diminutive of Eulalia, Laia is all about "sweet-speaking" praise.


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    Vroom vroom! Although many folks may immediately think of luxury cars when they hear the name Mercedes, it's actually a classic Spanish name. This choice, which is Spanish for "gracious gifts," is quite popular in many Latin American countries.


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    Now here's a baby name that's full of cheer. Honoring "Mary of Solitude," or Maria de la Soledad, Marisol is a hybrid name (it joins Maria and Soledad) that's quite popular. Mari is an adorable nickname option.


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    Having a child is the greatest gift a person will ever have in this lifetime -- and boy does this baby name reflect that. Arcelia (pronounced ahr-SEH-lee-ə) is not only an alluring name idea, but it also means "treasure chest." It's a perfect choice for the newest treasure in a parent's life!

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