21 Baby Names for Girls Inspired by Modern-Day Princesses IRL

Princess Charlotte Kate Middleton

Girls learn from a young age that princesses are so very special -- they get to wear frilly dresses and tiaras; they're prized and loved by all; and they get to marry only the handsomest and charming-est princes. At least in Disney movies and fairy tales, they do. But unlike the talking woodland animals and fairy godmothers that populate these stories, princesses actually exist IRL -- even in our modern day.


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Looking toward royalty for a baby girl name ensures that she will have a name that is classic and beautiful. No royal would ever name a child something less than the best. Which means that the name is guaranteed to win admiration from baby girl's peers and teachers. Oh, and for the real-life duties of a royal lady? Well, they don't spend all day in a flouncy dress, waiting for an eligible suitor -- they rule. 

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Since she'll always be a little princess, why not grace a new daughter with a touch of royalty with one of these princess-inspired names? (One can even call her "HRH" for short!) Take a look at our favorite royal baby girl names -- long may these ladies reign! 


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