10 Pro Tips for a Gorgeous Maternity Photo Shoot

maternity photo shootOnce upon a time, women spent their pregnancies hiding from cameras -- but thanks to the advent of glamorous and artistic maternity photo shoots, moms-to-be now have the opportunity to document this magical time in their lives. But how can you make the most of your own personal photo shoot? We asked NYC-based maternity photographer Lola Melani for her tips on getting the most memorable and beautiful shots possible.


The first step, says Melani, is to "find the photographer whose style you love the best and with whom you connect the most."

"Remember, the task of your photographer is not simply to take flattering images, but to provide an unforgettable experience and ambience of relaxation and comfort in which you feel pampered and beautiful," Melani told CafeMom.

"I believe that the most important advice I can offer is to understand that the goal of your photography experience is to celebrate YOU, the miraculous life within you, and capture, in portraits, the essence of your beauty and emotions as you await the birth of the greatest gift you will ever receive."

Click through our slideshow for Melani's advice on how to prepare, what to wear, and much more! 


Image via Lola Melani Photography

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