17 Home Birth Photos That Show the Beauty of Including Older Children

Tanvier Peart | Jul 15, 2016 Pregnancy
17 Home Birth Photos That Show the Beauty of Including Older Children

Kaylee Ralph captures beautiful homebirth

Ever consider giving birth in front of the children? True, this question might be weird to some -- but it's actually something that expectant mothers should consider. Felisha Boehme is a Canadian mom whose beautiful photos of her home birth surrounded by her family might make some moms out there think twice about their own birth plans.

Kaylee Ralph, of Kaylee Ralph Photography, is the professional photographer who took these amazing shots of Felisha and her family.

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Relive the Boehme family's experience and feel the emotions that come from the power of Kaylee's birth photography. For the moms out there who have been thinking about a home birth, they'll definitely want to take a look.

Seriously, these photos are amazing!

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And let us know: Who else is now considering doing this too?

Read on to view these spectacular images. 


Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

  • Choosing a Home Birth

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    With three kids ranging from ages 2 to 6, Felisha Boehme told Baby Center she wanted to try a home birth for her fourth child. "[I've had] natural, super fast deliveries, so this was the perfect time to try a home birth," Boehme said.

  • The Decision to Have Children Present

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Felisha and her husband Tate were originally planning to send their three kids to Grandma's house. But thanks to the recommendation of Felisha's midwives, Mom and Dad decided to have a home birth witnessed by family. 

  • Witnessing a Home Birth From Behind the Lens

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Even though the Boehmes hired Kaylee to be their birth photographer, being present for such an occasion really hit home. "My secret dream is to be a midwife, so Felisha's birth was very exciting to be chosen to be a part of," notes Ralph.

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  • Capturing Raw Moments

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Photographer Kaylee Ralph is mesmerized by the power that comes with bringing a child into this world. "I love everything about it. I love the rawness of it and how it empowers women when experiencing what their bodies were made to do," says Ralph.

  • The Calm Before the Storm

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    It's only natural to ask how children might react to witnessing a child being born. Kaylee told Baby Center Felisha's children were very calm, as they watched Mom labor. "It was very quiet and calm during this birth. The kids were so quiet, watching and waiting while mom worked hard to bring baby into world," Ralph shares.

  • Mom Uncensored

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    There's no denying the power and pain Felisha felt bringing her fourth child into this world. Kaylee's photos are uncensored and capture every moment Mom endured. It's hard to look away.

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  • Enduring the Pain

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    "I think photographs of labor and delivery are so powerful. Just looking through them, you can feel what she’s feeling; you feel like you’re right there, witnessing the birth of a new life -- and that’s just by looking at the photographs," says Ralph.

  • The Power of Birth Photography

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    "The best thing about capturing birth on camera for families is probably that very moment when the baby is first delivered by mom and the feeling that instantly comes over the room, peace, relief, [and] love. It’s all so raw and feels like you’ve just witnessed a little piece of heaven," reveals Ralph.

  • First Encounter

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Many times, there are no words to describe how a mother feels holding her child for the first time and the bond they instantly develop. Thankfully, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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  • Hello, Kendrix!

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Felisha and Tate Boehme, along with their three children, welcomed baby Kendrix to their family. Hey, little guy!

  • A Family That Bore Witness

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    It goes without saying that Felisha's birthing experience was so special, thanks to having her husband and three children with her every step of the way. "[This was] the most intimate experience I could have ever had with my family by my side," Boehme told Baby Center.


  • Passing the Torch

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Felisha and Tate's youngest child, Cree, is seen reaching to embrace baby Kendrix. What an adorable moment!

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  • Consumed With Emotions

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    "Each child had a different reaction," Felisha told Baby Center. There's no denying how much childbirth affected Khyrum, 6. This shot capturing the new big brother taking a moment to reflect on the process that he witnessed is so touching.

  • Tipping the Scale

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Baby Kendrix weighed in at seven pounds, three ounces. And, as you can see, he's perfect in every way.

  • Strength in Numbers

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Midwives Eve Hepburn and Terri King Demers were with Mom and her family every step of the way

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  • Young Helper-in-Training

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    What a great big sister! Two-year-old Kree just had to see what Mom and one of her midwives were doing to little Kendrix. She definitely looks like she'll be a wonderful helper.

  • Sibling Bond

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    Aww, this is beyond precious. Take a look at Khyrum, Keiston, and Kree welcoming their baby brother to the family. 

  • And Then There Were Six

    Image via Kaylee Ralph Photography

    "Felisha’s birth was my first home birth I got to photograph, so it holds a special place for me," says Ralph. Thanks to Kaylee's beautiful photos, the Boehme family can look back on all the moments they experienced during this touching childbirth.

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