From Biblical to Disney-Inspired: Our 13 Most-Pinned Baby Name Lists

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From a young age, we dream of the families we might have one day. For me, the important detail that inevitably changed on a year-to-year basis was the name I'd give my baby girl (I never dreamed of a boy!). It's no wonder -- baby names are a serious business! 


I went from playing make believe with my baby named Kizzy at age 7, to Kailey at age 12. Frankly, I probably won't settle on this until the day I leave the hospital with a birth certificate in hand, as many things will continue to inspire me -- just as they may inspire you.

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The search for the perfect baby name is a long (and fun!) process, and it's fascinating to see where other moms-to-be are getting their ideas. Click through our slideshow to see which baby name lists, out of the hundreds that we've published, have caught the most attention on Pinterest. Who knows -- you might find some more inspiration for your baby-to-be ...



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