From Biblical to Disney-Inspired: Our 13 Most-Pinned Baby Name Lists

Kiarra Sylvester | Jul 21, 2016 Pregnancy

Hi My name is baby bump

From a young age, we dream of the families we might have one day. For me, the important detail that inevitably changed on a year-to-year basis was the name I'd give my baby girl (I never dreamed of a boy!). It's no wonder -- baby names are a serious business! 

I went from playing make believe with my baby named Kizzy at age 7, to Kailey at age 12. Frankly, I probably won't settle on this until the day I leave the hospital with a birth certificate in hand, as many things will continue to inspire me -- just as they may inspire you.

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The search for the perfect baby name is a long (and fun!) process, and it's fascinating to see where other moms-to-be are getting their ideas. Click through our slideshow to see which baby name lists, out of the hundreds that we've published, have caught the most attention on Pinterest. Who knows -- you might find some more inspiration for your baby-to-be ...



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  • Strong Names for Strong Girls


    From Rebel to Justice, this list will give you nothing but the utmost pride in whatever name it is that you choose for your new arrival. At nearly 1.3K repins, this list has inspired many. 

  • Reaching for the Stars


    From Nova to Archer, this list (which has been re-pinned over 1500 times) will give you the perfectly unique name for your little one.  

  • Disney Boys


    No, we're not talking about Goofy! We promise there are so many amazing names to grab from your favorite Disney flick. Just ask the 2.3K people who pinned this list.

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  • Twinning


    Jack and Jill names are almost essential when naming twins -- otherwise what fun is it? That said, here are 20 names that will make you ooh and ah like Madison and Mason. With a 3K pins to back it up, don't even try denying that this is the most adorable thing ever. 

  • More Twinning!


    More twin names, because you can never be too prepared, right? These names pair well but aren't totally matchy-matchy, from Ava and Ella to Faith and Grace. This post has been re-pinned 3.7K times. 

  • For Modern Babies


    With 4.7K repins, this is a great list for those of you who have decided to keep the sex of your baby under wraps. Some fan favorites from the list include Cameron and Riley.

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  • For Little Outlaws


    Are you a fan of the badass persona that men and women of the Wild Wild west carried? So are 5,000 pinners who repinned these cowboy classics. 


  • Dad-Approved


    Essentially this is like the no fuss list. With 7.3K repins, you're bound to find one or two that both of you can agree on. Right?

  • Ooh La La!


    Say "oui, oui" to this list of adorable, everyday French names for your little guy or girl on the way. With names like Pascale and Elodie, this post has been repinned 9.3K times.

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  • Short and Sweet


    How often have you heard a nickname and thought it waaay better than whatever was carved into a birth certificate? Why be Gillian when you can be like Gigi? This was pinned nearly 12,000 times, so that says something. 

  • Disney Girls


    Disney women have always had such beautiful, timeless, names, from Belle to Nala. This post holds the number three spot with over 12.3K repins. 


  • Get Lucky!


    With over 13K pins, it's clear that you can't go wrong with the luck of the Irish (er, at least we're hoping so) -- especially because a lucky name is probably easier to stumble upon than a pot of gold. From Tristan to Claire, you're certain to get lucky with this list.

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  • Old-School


    Religious or not, you can't go wrong with a good ol' Biblical name -- or, at least according to me and nearly 15,000 people who re-pinned this pin! From Eden to Seth, there are so many beautiful baby names to choose from in this list of 50. 

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