25 Super Cute 'Boy Names' That Are Just Perfect for Baby Girls

Tanvier Peart | Jul 9, 2016 Pregnancy
25 Super Cute 'Boy Names' That Are Just Perfect for Baby Girls
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Baby names. Baby names. Baby names. This is all expectant parents think about -- and it can become mind-boggling over time. Where can I find the best baby names for girls? Where are all the names for boys? Well, who the heck says that a mom has to choose from a gender-specific list? Truth be told, there are tons of fun baby names out there for the taking. Some are classic, some are new, and some are just perfect -- even if they weren't "intended" for a child's sex.

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Looking for something not traditionally "girly"? Or perhaps want to honor a male relative? Then a more masculine girl name might just do the trick. Names that are traditionally associated with boys have a cute and quirky vibe on a little girl. A little tomboy or even a girl who ends up being very "girly-girl" can benefit from a boy's name -- it denotes a deviation from convention and gender norms. With the help of our friends over at BabyNameWizard, we found the best and most charming boys' names for girls -- because girls can do anything that boys can do, even when it comes to baby names. Take a look at these "boy names" that would be wonderful for a little girl -- we know they are sure to inspire some parents to try something new and unconventional! 

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