35 Super Cute 'Boy Names' That Are Just Perfect for Baby Girls

Tanvier Peart | Jul 16, 2020 Pregnancy
35 Super Cute 'Boy Names' That Are Just Perfect for Baby Girls
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Baby names. Baby names. Baby names. This is all expectant parents think about -- and it can become mind-boggling over time. Where can I find the best baby names for girls? Where are all the names for boys? Well, who the heck says that a mom has to choose from a gender-specific list? Truth be told, there are tons of fun baby names out there for the taking. Some are classic, some are new, and some are just perfect -- even if they weren't "intended" for a child's sex.

Looking for something not traditionally "girly"? Or perhaps want to honor a male relative? Then a more masculine girl name might just do the trick. Names that are traditionally associated with boys have a cute and quirky vibe on a little girl. A little tomboy or even a girl who ends up being very "girly-girl" can benefit from a boy's name -- it denotes a deviation from convention and gender norms. With the help of our friends over at Baby Name Wizard, we found the best and most charming boys' names for girls -- because girls can do anything that boys can do, even when it comes to baby names. Take a look at these "boy names" that would be wonderful for a little girl -- we know they are sure to inspire some parents to try something new and unconventional! 



    It's so hard not to love a name that starts with Q! While Quinn is a fairly popular unisex name option, Quincy is still a bit under the radar as a girls' name option. The name Quincy has French roots and is most associated with famous musician Quincy Jones. 

  • ARI 


    We like Ari, here us roar! Ari, which comes from the Hebrew and means "lion" is short and sweet. This choice is great for families with a longer last name or who are looking for a punchy first name option that works with lots of of middle names. 

  • NOEL 


    For a lot of families, there is nothing quite as magical as Christmas, so here's a subtle way to keep that holiday spirit year-round. Noel, from the French, sounds chic and cool. This could be a great option for a winter baby! 

  • BOWIE 


    Some parents may chose this name for its obvious shout-out to the always iconic David Bowie. Some may chose it because the love Irish name options. Either way, this is an unexpected and cool choice for a little girl. 



    This is a great option for parents who will love their little girl to the moon and back! This name comes from the Arabic for "moon" and is also the name of a village in Greece, for parents who might also be travel buffs. 

  • ZION 


    Basketball superstar Dwyane Wade choose Zion as a name for his child, perhaps drawn by the meaning of "highest point." This Hebrew name has that instant cool factor that all names that start with a Z always have. 



    Now here's a snappy choice! Spencer, which comes from the British for "steward" or "administrator" (so, maybe not the most inspiring meaning), peaked for popularity in 1998, which means it is do for a comeback, this time as a girls' name. 

  • ROWAN 


    Rowan is an interesting name option. This Scottish choice has been used for both boys and girls, but is currently significantly more popular for boys. The name means "little redhead," so could be a cute option for a family where red hair is a possibility. 



    Charlie has been used as a nickname for both Charlene and Charlotte, but it works well as name in itself. Charlie has been ranked in the top 200 baby name options for girls for several years, making it one of the more popular girl name choices.


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    It's pretty obvious why celebrities Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose to name their daughter James: It's just too cute to pass up. Hailing from the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Iacomus, James is also thought to have ties to the Hebrew Yaakov. 


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    Even though the amazingly talented Stevie Nicks -- not to mention Stevie Wonder -- turned us on to this baby name, let's recap. Stevie comes from the name Steven, which has roots in both the Latin Stephanus and the German Stephanos (derived from stephanos, meaning a "crown" or "garland").


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    There's likely a reason why Jessica Simpson and others bestowed the name Maxwell to their daughters. (Spoiler alert: It's cute!) A Scottish surname derived from Maccus (great), Maxwell is a sleek baby name for a girl.



    Dylan really needs to be on the short list. Aside from sounding all sorts of cool, Dylan is thought to be a Welsh name that means "son of the sea." We think "daughter of the sea" works, too!

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    Aw. Sweet little Randall. This English surname comes from the name Randolf, which means "shield wolf." Doesn't that sound medieval chic? And for parents wanting a good nickname option, how about Randi or Randie?


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    Sorry, boys, this one needs to be shared with the ladies. Hebrew for "eternal,"  or African-Yuroban for "strength," the baby name Amari is a powerful choice for the new bundle of joy. We love Mari for a nickname choice. 


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    Hendrix is one of those rocker names that's full of life. An alternative to Henry, Hendrix comes from the German Heinrich and Haganrih (ruler of an enclosure). Also, one awesome guitar player. Rock on, baby girl!

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    Tag, you're it! Even if the parents aren't stellar at running, Chase is a name that will bring home the gold. Derived from the French chacier (to chase), Chase also has English roots as a surname.


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    Whether the mom and dad are Scandal fans or not, Bellamy is a fun baby name choice for a baby girl. Commonly known as being a "male" name, Bellamy has both English and Irish origins and means "fine friend." Nothing scandalous about that!


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    Frankie -- what an adorable name! A playful form of Frances, Frankie is a catchy baby name for a little girl. Just ask Drew Barrymore, who chose this cute option for her youngest daughter. 



    "El-li-ott." It doesn't matter if the parents are fans of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial or not, Elliott is a delightful name! Derived from the Hebrew Elijah (Jehovah is God), Elliott also has French roots as a diminutive of Ēlie. Ellie is also a cute nickname that adds a feminine touch. 


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    Boy names that end in "-ie" are an obvious choice to make the transition to a girl name usage. A variation of the Old English name Ælfred, Alfie is a compound name with two meanings: "elf" and "counsel." Adorbs.

  • Shane

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    Shane has strong ties to Gaelic history and comes from the Irish Seaghán. Thought to mean "God is gracious" (from the Gaelic version of John), Shane is an adorable baby name for a little girl.

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  • ACE


    Every parent deserves to have an ace up his or her sleeve. Latin for "unity," Ace is a common boys' name that is fitting for a princess (or a lawyer or a soccer star -- girls need to have options!). This name is just aces! 



    Oooh, this is a good one. A Scottish surname, Blaine is a chic and preppy name for a baby girl. Parents who love magic might like this as a nod to famous magician David Blaine. The right name is just magical.  


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    The English surname Merritt is one of those names that has a certain ring to it. Popular during the late 19th century, Merritt is a strong baby name choice for a new daughter.

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    Noted as a contracted form of the Latin name Augustine, Austin is a lovable baby name with a geographic twist. Literature fans who love Jane Austen might consider her last name spelling as another option. 

  • KYLE

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    Sometimes, surnames make the best baby names. Hailing from the Gaelic word caol (narrow), Kyle is a common family name that comes from the southwestern region of Scotland. This name is a great choice for those who like the name Kylie but find it too Kardashian to use now. 

  • CADE


    In case there was any doubt, Cade definitely has strong English roots. Both a surname and nickname, this four-letter name is a beautiful choice for a baby girl.

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    Why, hello, little Bryce. The name is an English surname with Celtic origins, and it's believed that Bryce comes from brigh meaning "strength" and "valor." This name hits the sweet spot of sounding classic but not being overused. 



    Looking for a name that is a step in the right direction? How about Easton? It's no secret that this English baby name relates to a direction. (Easton. Get it?) That doesn't take away from the fact that Easton is all sorts of cute. 



    Traditionally a surname (hi, Diane and Michael!), Keaton is both a playful and super dreamy baby name. This name comes from the Old English and means "valley of hawks," which is both cool and edgy. 

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    Hiya baby Freddie! This name has both powerful and chill vibes, and is already a hipster classic. Hailing from the German Frederick (peaceful ruler), the name Freddie is a fun name that's just perfect for a sweet girl.



    Here's another classic choice from the last name as a first name category. Doesn't Montgomery sound regal and elegant? A Norman surname, Montgomery is thought to have ties with the Old French mont (hill).  


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    Literary lovers will likely enjoy this name. Derived from the Irish Quillan, Quill is a whimsical choice for a baby name that has historical significance. Love it.

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    Landon is a name on the rise! This increasingly popular English boy name choice, which means "from the long hill" is still really uncommon for girls, making it fresh and unusual. This name also has a fun nickname option in Landi. 

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