25 Super Cute 'Boy Names' That Are Just Perfect for Baby Girls

Tanvier Peart | Jul 9, 2016 Pregnancy
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Baby names. Baby names. Baby names. This is all expectant parents think about -- and it can become mind-boggling over time. Where can I find the best baby names for girls? Where are all the names for boys? Well, who the heck says that a mom has to choose from a gender-specific list? Truth be told, there are tons of fun baby names out there for the taking. Some are classic, some are new, and some are just perfect -- even if they weren't "intended" for a child's sex.

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Looking for something not traditionally "girly"? Or perhaps want to honor a male relative? Then a more masculine girl name might just do the trick. Names that are traditionally associated with boys have a cute and quirky vibe on a little girl. A little tomboy or even a girl who ends up being very "girly-girl" can benefit from a boy's name -- it denotes a deviation from convention and gender norms. With the help of our friends over at BabyNameWizard, we found the best and most charming boys' names for girls -- because girls can do anything that boys can do, even when it comes to baby names. Take a look at these "boy names" that would be wonderful for a little girl -- we know they are sure to inspire some parents to try something new and unconventional! 

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  • James

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    It's pretty obvious why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose to name their daughter James; it's just too cute to pass up. Hailing from the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Iacomus, James is also thought to have ties to the Hebrew Yaakov

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  • Stevie

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    Even though the amazingly talented Stevie Nicks -- not to mention Stevie Wonder -- turned us on to this baby name, let's recap. Stevie comes from the name Steven, which has roots in both the Latin Stephanus and the German Stephanos (derived from stephanos, meaning a "crown" or "garland").

  • Maxwell

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    There's likely a reason why Jessica Simpson and others bestowed the name Maxwell to their daughters. (Spoiler alert: It's cute!) A Scottish surname derived from Maccus (great), Maxwell is a sleek baby name for a girl.

  • Dylan

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    This name really needs to be on your short list. Aside from sounding all sorts of cool, Dylan is thought to be a Welsh name that means "son of the sea." We think "daughter of the sea" works, too!

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  • Randall

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    Aw. Sweet little Randall. This English surname comes from the name Randolf, which means "shield wolf." Doesn't that sound medieval chic?

  • Amari

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    Sorry, boys, you need to share this one with the ladies. Hebrew for "eternal," the baby name Amari is a powerful choice for your bundle of joy.

  • Hendrix

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    Hendrix is one of those rocker names that's full of life. An alternative to Henry, Hendrix comes from the German Heinrich and Haganrih (ruler of an enclosure). Also, one badass guitar player.

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  • Chase

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    Tag, you're it! Even if you aren't stellar at running, Chase is a name that will bring home the gold. Derived from the French chacier (to chase), Chase also has English roots as a surname.

  • Bellamy

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    Whether you're a Scandal fan or not, Bellamy is a fun baby name choice for your baby girl. Commonly known as being a "male" name, Bellamy has both English and Irish origins and means "fine friend."

  • Frankie

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    Frankie -- what an adorable name! A playful form of Frances, Frankie is a catchy baby name for a little girl. Just ask Drew Barrymore!

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  • Elliott

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    "El-li-ott." It doesn't matter if you're a fan of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial or not, Elliott is a delightful name! Derived from the Hebrew Elijah (Jehovah is God), Elliott also has French roots as a diminutive of Ēlie.

  • Alfie

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    A variation of the Old English name Ælfred, Alfie is a compound name with two meanings: "elf" and "counsel." Adorbs.

  • Shane

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    Shane has strong ties to Gaelic history and comes from the Irish Seaghán. Thought to mean "God is gracious" (from the Gaelic cognate of John), Shane is an adorable baby name for a little girl.

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  • Ace

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    Every parent deserves to have an ace up his or her sleeve. Latin for "unity," Ace is a common boy name that is fitting for a princess. 

  • Blaine

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    Oooh, this is a good one. A Scottish surname, Blaine is a chic name for a baby girl.