Hospitals Now Getting Rid of Nurseries to Be 'Baby Friendly' -- Are You Freaking Kidding Us?

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Even with a relatively easy labor and delivery, most moms are still pretty wiped out by the whole birth experience. Once the euphoria of meeting your new little one wears off, you may be excited for a few hours of sleep (on your stomach!) without having to get up and use the bathroom every 10 minutes. Knowing that your newborn is being expertly cared for by neonatal nurses offers peace of mind as well as a nice break -- possibly the last you'll get for, oh, say, the next 18 years. But some hospitals are eliminating nurseries, and, instead, having moms care for their infants throughout their entire stay.


Though the initiative is referred to as "baby friendly," for many first-time or even repeat moms it may not sound like such a "parent friendly" concept.

In the US, there are 355 "baby friendly" hospitals, according to a report by Today Parents. By the end of 2017, that figure is expect to grow to 530.

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So, what's the reasoning behind this move? Doctors and other hospital staff are attempting to foster greater bonding opportunities between mom and baby by encouraging them to stay together at all times.

While we get that it sounds lovely in theory, any mom who's had a rough delivery and has other children at home could probably benefit greatly from a few hours of uninterrupted shut-eye and bond plenty when she and her new baby aren't sleeping.

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Also, sometimes nurses catch something by observing a baby in a nursery that a brand-new mom, or even a veteran mom, might not pick up on. Plus, after the excited siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends have visited and gone, it's positively blissful to see your sleeping baby wheeled back to the nursery by a nurse who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

Whether you choose to sleep, shower, watch TV, call a friend to share your good news, or complete the stack of paperwork your hospital requires, a new mom deserves a few moments to herself! Of course you want to see your baby, but leaving the hospital well rested and ready for motherhood is a blessing for both mom and newborn.

Granted, some moms may feel more comfortable caring for their infants themselves than leaving them down the hall in the care of strangers. But, for others who are hoping to regain a little strength before heading back home to care for their babies 24/7, we suggest finding out if your hospital has this "baby friendly" policy before you plan to deliver there.



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