15 Fierce Female 'Game of Thrones' Names Perfect for Baby Girls (or Dragons)

Kiarra Sylvester | Jun 24, 2016 Pregnancy
15 Fierce Female 'Game of Thrones' Names Perfect for Baby Girls (or Dragons)


For many years, Game of Thrones fans have watched each Sunday, filled with so much emotion -- and inevitably forming opinions on each of the characters portrayed in the show from day one. Woman-to-woman, I may have been a bit more harsh when forming my opinion on some of the leading ladies (sorry, Sansa), but nonetheless, we've watched each one of them grow in their roles -- only becoming stronger and more honorable as the seasons have progressed.

That said, I think it's safe to say that (literally) each woman on Game of Thrones is a force of nature in her own right, and although some of the names may seem a bit unusual, the show's viewers are bringing them to life as baby names.

And if a name really does have any influence over us and/or our personalities, and you're going to name your child after a GoT character, we think it should be one of these 15 powerful, take-no-sh*t women that you name them after. 

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  • Catelyn


    Catelyn was the matriarch of the Stark family and she passed her strength down to all of her children, although she will never get to see it. Aside from her parenting, she was every bit her name in that her heart truly was "pure." 

    Want to make this a bit more modern? Cat for short is just as cute. 

  • Arya


    We're grateful that the girl finally remembers her name, otherwise we're not totally sure that she would've made the cut. But, all jokes aside, Arya has proven to be one of the most courageous, lionesque characters from day one -- she's confident in herself and her abilities, and with that combination she's unstoppable. 

    While the name itself is actually a boy's name that means noble, it fits the character well. 

  • Daenerys


    While Arya has "no names," Daenerys has many! The "stormborn" beauty puts to rest the notion that women are just their looks -- she totally dominates, and she owns her sexuality and (at times) vulnerability. 

    However, Dany never waivers in her beliefs despite pressure from around her, and I imagine that's a quality we all wish to instill in our children.

    The name itself apparently means "born of the storm." (Obvi, would be more of a metaphor for your child.)

  • Khaleesi



    What did I tell you? Many names, right? Khaleesi is the title Daenerys adopted when she married into the Dothraki culture -- it means "queen" in their language.

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  • Ellaria


    Ellaria is Obryn's paramour who single-handedly sought out revenge for his death -- allowing no one to get in her way -- not even those "guilty by association." Although many of her actions were provoked by passion, I'd say she's by far one of the most badass women to grace the GoT. 

    For a modern touch, the name Ellaria can be shortened to Ella, which means "fairy maiden." 

  • Missandei


    While she was once a slave and now works by Dany's side, there's something about her vibe says "silent but deadly." However, she's also gracious and humble in everything she does -- making her an exemplary choice for baby name inspiration. 

    Frankly, I think that Andi makes for one of the cutest unisex nicknames.

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  • Cersei


    Say what you want about Cersei, but as petty and deceitful as she's been in the past, you have to admit the woman puts her whole heart into everything that she does. She's sassy, she's unwilling to take much of anyone's shit (the exception being her children), and she does what needs to be done to keep the kingdom running as smoothly as possible. 

    She's cutthroat, and typically for women that would translate to a b*tch, but I think Cersei gets to play with the big dogs (or guys) because she holds her own in a way that can compete with them.

    Her name essentially translates to "enchantress" and sounds like nothing you've ever heard. Perfect. It's said that her name (Cersei) "is a variation on Circe, the mythological sorceress who fed men wine and turned them into swine."

  • Yara


    Yara is from the Greyjoy bloodline and sister to Theon. However, make no mistake -- she's her own damn woman, Greyjoy name or not. With her (or without) her brother's help, she plans to take the throne that's currently up for grabs in her house. 

    She stands out in that she fights her own fights and she sets out to win. The name means "water lady," which is perfect considering she's always on the move (via water). 

  • Sansa


    In the beginning, Sansa could've easily passed for the weakling of the bunch, but in season six she prevails in so many ways.  

    Although her name means "charm," she dropped that charade a long time ago and began playing the game along with everyone else. Her character represents growth and kindness, certainly something we want our children to know. 

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  • Brienne


    Brienne's name means strong, and I think we can all attest to the fact that "strong" may be an understatement. 

    This name is pretty modern in comparison to the others, but if you're looking to modernize a bit more, go for Brie. 

  • Meera


    We didn't get to see much of this character, but when we did she was dragging Brandon Stark all up and down Westeros. Every bit of the way, Meera's been courageous -- even when she wasn't quite sure how thing were going to pan out.

    Courage is something valuable that can't be bought, yet we all still hope our children are filled with it. The name also means "prosperous," which is an added bonus.

  • Lyanna


    Lady Lyanna blew all of our minds this season with her badass ways -- and yes, I'm calling a child badass. She ran the show in a way that would have you forget that she is merely a child.

    The name itself translates to "God has answered."

  • Margaery


    As the first person able to give the Lannisters a run for their money, Margaery is one of a kind. Her name translates to "pearl" and can also be spelled as Marjorie -- to keep it modern. 

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  • Shae


    Yes, Shae was a prostitute. But, there's power in that. Right? Either way you see it, she has one of the most modern names you'll see on this show and clearly it's timeless -- which in our book makes it a good pick.

    Meaning? Courteous.

  • Melisandre


    Although she's a bit batsh*t at times, there's no denying the power that Melisandre holds.

    Even after she's led the men astray, they still look to her for guidance -- even after she's lost her own way. Nevertheless, as her name means "strength" we can expect her to bounce back from whatever she's going through. 

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