15 Fierce Female 'Game of Thrones' Names Perfect for Baby Girls (or Dragons)


For many years, Game of Thrones fans have watched each Sunday, filled with so much emotion -- and inevitably forming opinions on each of the characters portrayed in the show from day one. Woman-to-woman, I may have been a bit more harsh when forming my opinion on some of the leading ladies (sorry, Sansa), but nonetheless, we've watched each one of them grow in their roles -- only becoming stronger and more honorable as the seasons have progressed.


That said, I think it's safe to say that (literally) each woman on Game of Thrones is a force of nature in her own right, and although some of the names may seem a bit unusual, the show's viewers are bringing them to life as baby names.

And if a name really does have any influence over us and/or our personalities, and you're going to name your child after a GoT character, we think it should be one of these 15 powerful, take-no-sh*t women that you name them after. 

game of thrones baby names

Image via HBO/Twitter

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