21 Totally Rad Baby Girl Names Inspired by Our Fave '90s TV Shows

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There were so many great moments during the '90s that made it a totally rad decade. Between the music, movies, and television shows, our lives were practically complete. Speaking of TV, it should be known that our favorite throwback shows are a great source for baby name inspirations. It's true! If one is expecting a little girl, here are some awesome baby names inspired by our favorite '90s television shows.


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Want to take a trip down memory lane? The '90s brought us so many TV shows that we love and cherish -- Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Living Single, Twin Peaks, Full House ... these were the shows that we were obsessed with. So why wouldn't we use them as inspiration for amazing baby names? We spent our childhoods with these characters; countless hours of television watching that we'll never get back ... so why not name our babies after some of the beloved characters we grew up with? '90s girls names were cool and retro sounding -- thanks in no small part, we're sure, to the resurgence of '40s swing culture that had a moment of '90s fame. 

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Take a close look at these '90s girls names that we can't get over. They're totally cool. Okay, we're outtie!


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