15 Baby Boy Names Inspired by the Dopest '90s TV Shows

Tanvier Peart | Jun 29, 2016 Pregnancy
15 Baby Boy Names Inspired by the Dopest '90s TV Shows
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It's hard to think about the '90s and not smile. Neon colors were in, along with some of the craziest hairstyles known to man. Sayings like "phat," "all that," and "dope" made us cool in school. And who could forget those television shows that made us rush through our geometry homework so we could devote our full attention to them? (Come on, we can admit that we watched. Don't be buggin'.) Not us, which is why we plucked our favorite '90s names that we still are obsessed with. 

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Nothing beats '90s TV shows. They were warm and goofy (okay, cheesy) and were filled with characters that we came to know like they were our own friends. Who could forget when Xander from Buffy calmed Willow down with the yellow crayon story? Or anything about Luke Perry (swoon). They're like the gift that keeps on giving -- and have been known to inspire us even today. We are still waiting for some of these '90s boys to flip their floppy hair at us. Should one wish to take a walk down memory lane, here are some fly baby names inspired by our favorite '90s television shows. They are sure to remind a former '90s kid of a simpler -- and more neon -- time. 

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  • Dylan


    Raise your hand if you had a Dylan McKay doll growing up? Luke Perry played a bad boy that made us swoon on Beverly Hills, 90210. Dylan is a cute baby name that's Welsh for "son of the sea."

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  • Bailey


    Thanks to Party of Five, practically every young girl had a photo of Scott Wolf hanging up in her room during the '90s. And now, she can keep the memory going by naming her child after his character on the show, Bailey. So cute!

  • Carter


    Michael Boatman's character, Carter Heywood, was revolutionary on Spin City. As one of the first accepted black gay men on television, he helped break down barriers. Carter also happens to be a catchy baby name choice that's gender neutral.

  • Fox

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    Admit it: Watching The X-Files make you side eye the government at times (there are so many conspiracies) and think aliens were real. Special Agent Fox Mulder was a true believer in extraterrestrials, which made the show all the more interesting (and spooky) at times. Whether you think Area 51 exists (or not), Fox is a pretty cool baby name for a boy.

  • Chandler


    Fans of Friends could not stop laughing at Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing. Once roomies with Joey, the anti-Thanksgiving character made us fall in love with him even more when he married Monica. Chandler is a sweet baby name choice that's quite catchy. 

  • Maxwell


    The Nanny definitely had us laughing in the '90s. One character who captured our hearts was Maxwell Sheffield, a widowed producer trying to raise three kids on his own. Even if you weren't a fan of his, the Scottish surname Maxwell is a really nice baby name choice -- for a boy or girl.

  • Slater


    Seriously, who didn't have a crush on A.C. Slater in Saved by the Bell? Those dimples. Those dance moves. That tight wrestling getup. (Sorry, getting off track.) Slater is a strong baby name for any boy (or girl).

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  • Elliot

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    E-l-l-i-o-t. (Ha, kidding.) Savvy behind a camera as a photographer on Just Shoot Me!, Elliot DiMauro definitely went through a series of ups and downs -- both in his personal life and relationships. Still, his character is one of many that made the fictious Blush magazine all the memorable. Plus, Elliot is a unisex baby name that's quite fetching.

  • Hunter


    There were tons of dreamy guys on Beverly Hills, 90210, but one in particular was Noah Hunter. Born into a wealthy oil family, Noah definitely had his ups and downs but was a good person overall. If you loved this character (it's okay if you didn't, or don't know who the heck he is), consider Hunter for your baby's name. It's great for boys and girls!

  • Myles/Miles

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    Sometimes, old-school names are the best way to go. On the show Moesha, Myles was the obnoxious little brother who always meddled in business that wasn't his. Whether you want to name your son Miles or Myles, it's a strong name that will forever be in style.

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  • Jordan


    There's no way you can think about favorite '90s TV shows and not bring up My So-Called Life. Jared Leto's character, Jordan Catalano, was all sorts of dreamy. Feel free to consider the name Jordan for your son or daughter.

  • Jefferson


    When you think of the name Jefferson, an image of a former president of the United States comes to mind, right? Who cares if he also happened to be a narcissist and a bit of a scam artist on Married With Children. Jefferson is a good baby name.

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  • Arnie

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    Tom Arnold's character was a good BFF to Dan Conner on the show Roseanne. And while Arnold is a nice name (nothing wrong with it at all), there's an alternative baby name idea that's a wee more rad. Arnie.

  • Xander


    Everyone needs that go-to friend who will be there when needed and get you out of a bind. For Buffy Summers, Xander Harris was one of those friends. Even if you didn't watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just know the baby name Xander is an adorable choice that means "defending men." (Yeah, your kid will be an awesome pal!)

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  • Gunther

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    Sometimes seen and not heard, Gunther was just as important to Friends as the Central Perk cafe he managed. German for "bold warrior," Gunther is a baby name that packs its own punch.

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