15 Baby Boy Names Inspired by the Dopest '90s TV Shows

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It's hard to think about the '90s and not smile. Neon colors were in, along with some of the craziest hairstyles known to man. Sayings like "phat," "all that," and "dope" made us cool in school. And who could forget those television shows that made us rush through our geometry homework so we could devote our full attention to them? (Come on, we can admit that we watched. Don't be buggin'.) Not us, which is why we plucked our favorite '90s names that we still are obsessed with. 


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Nothing beats '90s TV shows. They were warm and goofy (okay, cheesy) and were filled with characters that we came to know like they were our own friends. Who could forget when Xander from Buffy calmed Willow down with the yellow crayon story? Or anything about Luke Perry (swoon). They're like the gift that keeps on giving -- and have been known to inspire us even today. We are still waiting for some of these '90s boys to flip their floppy hair at us. Should one wish to take a walk down memory lane, here are some fly baby names inspired by our favorite '90s television shows. They are sure to remind a former '90s kid of a simpler -- and more neon -- time. 

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