18 Badass Baby Girl Names for Future Presidents

If parents want a baby girl who will grow up to be a badass feminist icon, she needs a name to match. That's just basic math. And any strong name has a namesake to back it up -- a Jane can just be a Jane, after all, or she can be a Jane with the power of Jane Austen and Jane Goodall and Jane Elliott to back her up. There are so many insanely inspiring women in history to borrow names from, it's almost too much to list. But we have to try. 


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Any baby girl with these women at her back will live a life with poise and power and a healthy dose of badassness -- it's pretty much guaranteed. We rounded some of our favorite inspirational women -- the ladies who fought for something, whether that be injustice, the freedom to be a woman in a man's world, or even just the right for women to be heard. We honor these women every day, but naming a baby after them is truly something special. We can't promise that a strong baby name equals a strong, feminist daughter, but the story of her name and where it comes from is sure to inspire any little girl who wants to reach for her dreams. Take a look at these strong, badass girls' names that'll make anyone say, "I'm with her!"


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