Labor Cookies, and Other Ways to Bring on Labor


ways to bring on laborLooking for ways to bring on labor and have that baby already? I was, too, when I was pregnant and almost two weeks late. That's why I was so curious to read a post from aleslie in Pregnancy about labor cookies.

She said a good friend of hers made them, ate them, and then went into labor. Is there a cookie that can bring on labor?

aleslie asked moms for the labor cookie recipe and resourceful moms provided it. She made the cookies -- and said they were actually pretty good! -- but they weren't as great a success for her as they were for her friend.

Basically, the little nibbles sound like an extra-spicy ginger cookie, so they could go hand in hand with the idea that spicy foods can bring on labor.

What are other natural ways to bring on labor?

One note: Your body typically has to be ready to deliver, or you must be having contractions or already in the early stages of labor, in order for one of these techniques to be successful. If absolutely nada is going on, it's unlikely that one of these will kick-start things.

Still, no harm in trying! (In consultation with your doctor, of course.)

What are some of the tips for inducing labor that have been passed on to you? Have you tried any of them?

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doulala doulala

"Still, no harm in trying!"

I would not agree with this.   Some of your "natural" ways to bring on labor aren't really natural or always harmless.

Walking and sex are the two that a mom might be doing anyway, so the most natural.   After that, the remedies are asking (or forcing) baby before being ready.  And there are real risks that can accompany them.

Castor oil, nipple stimulation, and stripping membranes are definitely too risky to be considered totally harmless.



Crazy... Crazy-Steph

I would think that nipple stimulation is natural also.  That is something that would be going on during sex in my bed!  LOL

Adams... AdamsWifey215

When I was pregnant they told me to walk to bring on labor I would walk to and from my job which was a half a mile from my house and I still did not go into labor. To bring on my labor I help my husband put together a basketball court. So I feel its different for everybody.

lilma... lilmami81

I did castor oil one time. Worst. Mistake. Ever. I am glad I did my baby no harm.

Katie... KatieCrandall

I've heard nothing good about castor oil.  Nipple stimulation can work great, but it can also bring on really strong contractions (and they're not necessarily productive ones).  I guess I don't really consider stripping the membranes to be natural, as it's something done by a doc or midwife (not so much a do-it-yourself).  I tried the walking and sex, as well as eating spicy foods, rocking in a rocking chair, and bouncing on a yoga ball.  After doing these all weekend, my water broke as I was going to bed on Sunday night.  While that IS what I was shooting for (well, for labor to start, anyway), but I was exhausted after doing all that extra activity, so I was already worn out before labor started!  I won't do THAT again!

Arism... Arismama05

Castor Oil is sooo dangerous! Talk about an old wive's tale! All the others aren't bad, I cringe at the stripping, but if it's done by your OB it can't be bad, right?!

cj_87 cj_87

my doctor stripped my membranes @ 38 weeks. and castor oil isnt good for your body and only gives you yucky poop. i want to try the labor cookies, i already have sex that and walking doesnt do anything, i played lazer tag last night and didnt have one contraction. i tried the nipple stimulation and it worked but then i read about how it could possibly lower the fetal heart rate and decided that i didnt want to do that. my aunt (nurse) said taking a hot bath can soften your water bag and could help. all i know is my stomach goes back and forth from being hard as a rock and softer then my pillow. it doesnt hurt so whatever. i understand wanting to speed up the labor process, my husband leaves friday and my actual due date is on monday. my doctor doesnt think i'll make it til then but i dont have any reason to believe that she knows what she is talking about. last time i was in i was 60% effaced and 1cm dialated. she stripped my cervix and it hurt, i went for a walk i cramped a little, had sex the next day and guess what still got a baby in there. so i think it just depends on what your body wants to do.


I will admit, I used the castor oil at aound 1100 am.  I used 4 oz OJ then 1 tbsp castor oil then 4 oz OJ on top.  I walked for about one hr after that, had sex a couple hours later when my hubby came home, then went to bed at 7 or 8 and rested pretty good.  I went into labor at 1100 pm and had my son by 0300.  It worked for me and wasnt too bad but it might be dangerous, I was desperate to deliver though.  The baby was in my ribs.

Godluvzu Godluvzu

I think sex and walking are probably the only natural and safe ways to trigger labor, but the body has to be ready. With two of my pregnancies, I went into labor not long after having sex, so I think it can work. With my last pregnancy (baby #7), I took evening primrose oil capsules for about a week before my EDD. My baby was born 4 days after my EDD, so I don't know if the EPO helped or not. The earliest I have ever gone into labor was on the actual EDD. That turned out to be my biggest baby. The lastest I have gone is 16 days past my EDD. I went into labor pretty much right after having sex that time. IMO, the best thing to do is to just wait and let things happen on their own. That baby WILL come out eventually!

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