Labor Cookies, and Other Ways to Bring on Labor

ways to bring on laborLooking for ways to bring on labor and have that baby already? I was, too, when I was pregnant and almost two weeks late. That's why I was so curious to read a post from aleslie in Pregnancy about labor cookies.

She said a good friend of hers made them, ate them, and then went into labor. Is there a cookie that can bring on labor?


aleslie asked moms for the labor cookie recipe and resourceful moms provided it. She made the cookies -- and said they were actually pretty good! -- but they weren't as great a success for her as they were for her friend.

Basically, the little nibbles sound like an extra-spicy ginger cookie, so they could go hand in hand with the idea that spicy foods can bring on labor.

What are other natural ways to bring on labor?

One note: Your body typically has to be ready to deliver, or you must be having contractions or already in the early stages of labor, in order for one of these techniques to be successful. If absolutely nada is going on, it's unlikely that one of these will kick-start things.

Still, no harm in trying! (In consultation with your doctor, of course.)

What are some of the tips for inducing labor that have been passed on to you? Have you tried any of them?

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